Why does Enzyme run/bleed after a clean Oriental rug?


A color run is expected in Persian red oriental and other decorative rugs made from natural wool fibers and vegetable dye. 

The intricate weaving of contrasting colors, making the wool rugs beautiful. But having a vibrant red right next to brilliant ivory or a block close to yellow means there’s a higher risk that some of the dye will bleed/run from the darker shade into the lighter wool/silk area. 

What Causes Dye to Bleed?

Don't EVER clean Oriental rug at HOME

DON’T EVER clean Oriental rug at home!!!!

  1. Cleaning stains using the wrong cleaning product.
  2. Removing pet accidents utilizing a carpet cleaner product.
  3. Scribing the stain back and forth.
  4. Using hot water and soap (enzyme) on the wool Oriental rug.

Colors may run if an alkaline (Enzyme- soap) cleaning solution is used (it breaks down the acid bond between the wool fiber and the dye). 

At-home carpet cleaning agents are typically alkaline (soap enzyme is alkaline). The residue will build up in the wool rug over time, leading to a color run. Hiss is one reason to avoid cleaning natural fiber rugs at home. 

Oriental rug need’s to be professionally washed. Even then, special care is required to prevent damage to the fiber and color run.

 The PetPeePee® company, Oriental rug cleaning from urine odor Guarantee in writing color, will never RUN.

Since we clean, high-quality Oriental rug originally colored with vegetable dye, we use the acidic cleaner origin from the Dead Sea.

The natural odor-free Dead Sea cleaner design locks down the color inside the fiber and prevents color bleeding/runs.

The PetPeePee system invented the XpetPee machine that’s clean’s the Oriental rug through the fiber, ensuring the color will never run and guarantee the urine crystal total removal.

PetPeePee a cleaning process that’s makes sense, and it shows.

PetPeePee company specializes in Cleaning and Removing the dog cat urine odor from Oriental rug or Drapery. Using the Natural Dead Sea Cleaner And the XpetPee machine, we provide a 100% guarantee Enzymecompletely permanently writing urine odor removal without masking or using the deodorizer or Enzyme.


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