It’s a big mistake to clean urine spots on Oriental rug using Enzyme! 

Do you know what Enzyme is?

Many of us related the Enzymes in our body to the Enzymes sold in the pet store must of us believe it’s working the same: the reality is ???

My Name is Meir Martin. I am the owner of the PetPeePee company, and I am writing this article due to the experience I have gained from cleaning Oriental rugs from urine odor since 1991.

99% of the oriental rug I cleaned was already cleaned by the pet owners or a professional rug cleaner. All of them used Enzyme, and the cleaning results ended in the PetPeePee warehouse.

What in the Enzymes that cause so much damage to the Oriental rug?

Enzymes cleaner on silk Drapery

Enzymes cleaner on silk Drapery make the stains orange.

Every cleaner containing higher PH will release the natural color from the yarn in the Oriental rug; this will end in the color run and more extensive brown-Yellow stains on the surfaces of the Oriental carpet.

Why?  Every customer that called explains, “I did exactly as the instruction,” and the stains resurface and become more extensive; why?. 

My answer:  Did you or the professional rug cleaner rinses the Enzyme from the rug completely?. No! The Enzymes with the urine odor lay in the rug foundation. The Only way to remove all the Enzymes (soap) is to wash the rug THROUGH the rug fiber.

Only The XpetPee machine can wash your Oriental entirely from all the Enzyme cleaner and the urine crystal. All the Toxic Enzymes and the urine crystals will be cleaned thoroughly using the vinegar and the Dead Sea Cleaner.

Can a Yellow-Brown stain be fixed?  NO!

The Pee-Pee bland with the Enzyme (Soap) the higher PH will evaporate. The Oil/chemicals will bland with the urine crystals and form a new colony that will feed on the urine-Enzymes-crystals and the natural color in the yarn, which will lead to discoloration and permanent stains.

watch the video What is in the Natural Cleaning? by Meir Martin

The PetPeePee company will never create if a promise that is written on the Enzymes bottle Fulfills.


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