The Magic of removing cat urine odor from Antique Asian rug, Never color run.

By The PetPeePee company worldwide service.

Publish on 08.15.2021 By Mr. Meir Martin.

After you have tried all the cleaning products in the market and even professional oriental rug cleaners can’t remove the stench of the urine odor from your Oriental rug, please see How The PetPeePee company clean and remove the urine odor different from the rest.

Building the most advanced machine and natural cleaner in the carpet cleaning industry.

The XpetPee machine and the Dead Sea cleaner were builds by Mr. Meir Martin, the Owner of the PetPeePee company, machines that clean On Persian carpet and the most delicate rug/Drapery from the foul odor.

The XpetPee machine combines with the natural Dead Sea cleaner: is the Number one textile cleaner, specially designed to remove the pet urine from the finest Wool/Silk and Drapery fibers.

The XpetPee Machine

The Ability to remove/clean urine crystals THROUGH the rug fiber horizontally and avoid the risk of color run and fiber distraction.

Eliminating the Carpet cleaner machine and the Enzymes cleaner is the Magic of the XpetPee cleaning machine.

The XpetPee Oriental rug cleaning

The XpetPee machine removes the urine crystals and protects the natural color from bleeding.

The XpetPee Machine (Vacuum Floor) is a new technology that eliminates using the Scrubber or the Carpet cleaning machine on the Oriental carpet. By vacuum the cleaner THROUGH  the rug fibers/Yarn.

The Dead Sea cleaner washed/flashed all the urine crystal out from under the rug. The strong suction under the carpet pulled out from the rug foundation the pet accidents (crystals-Bacteria).

The Oriental rug must be washed THROUGH, not vertically? The dust, dirt, and urine Crystals lay in the rug foundation and bland together as an enormous colony of bacteria will feed on the moisture from above and protein from the pet skin, urine, dust, dirt from our feet, Plus the cleaner that we were using in the pest.

Washing the rug from left to right will remove some dirt/bacteria on the surfaces of the rug fiber, but the foundation will remain untouched.

The XpetPee washing the rug THROUGH, all the dirt bacteria will be Vacuumed from under the rug fiber/Yarn out from the back of the carpet.

The XpetPee machine will ensure that color remains tacked and the oriental rug fibers remain tide and sharp.

The Dead Sea Cleaner

The Dead Sea’s blanded natural minerals are ODOR & SOAP-FREE, designed by Mother Nature to kill bacteria Naturally.

The XpetPee machine was constructed to work with the Dead sea cleaners and the strong acidic cleaner (vinegar) that washes the textile fibers (Draperies) and the Oriental rug gently, protects the natural colors from bleeding and the high-quality Yarn.

Washing the Oriental rug using the Dead Sea Cleaner, NO deposit of unpleasant odor in the Asian carpet.

The Benefits of the Dead Sea Minerals the Natural cleaner!!!

Natural cleaner

The natural cleaner the Blended Minerals from the Dead Sea

Washing your clothes in the laundry machine using a detergent with the aroma of Vanilla, the detergent will deposit Vanilla odor in your close. Every lady knows this!.

When a professional rug cleaner is washing on an Oriental rug using the Enzymes cleaner and spray the carpet with Vanilla deodorizer,  the cleaner will bland with the Urine crystal located in the rug foundation, and the new aroma smell like a Pet-Pee-Vanilla. Is this the odor you desire???:

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The PetPeePee A Cleaning process that makes sense.

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