Shipping Oriental rug

Shipping On Oriental rug from the UK to Florida US using the DHL

Shipping On Oriental rug overseas to be clean from pet urine odor.

Publish by Mr. Meir Martin, the owner of the PetPeePee company, 09.12.2021

Mr. Tomas from the UK asks: it is worth it to ship On Oriental rug to be clean from urine odor?

Mr. Martin, the Owner of the PetPeePee, answer:

Suppose you own an Oriental rug whose value is $5000 or more. Or the Area rug is an heirloom in your family for generations, and the rug has NO fiscal stains, only a strong smell of Wet dog or urine odor. The answer is YES.

Oriental rug smells from urine odor.

Mr. Martin, On Oriental rug that already visits several rug cleaners facilities and is still caring for the stench of the Pee-Pee-Vanilla odor, this present odor is in the Rug Foundation. The urine crystal can remove only by washing the rug THROUGH from top to bottom: horizontal.!!

Urine odor removal Machine. “THROUGH”

The THROUGH Is a cleaning process invented by the PetPeePee company design to remove the stench of the foul odor without depositing any new fragrance into the rug fibers.

The PetPeePee company, By washing the Oriental carpet using the XpetPee machine that cleans the heirloom rug  “THROUGH” the fibers, Plus using the Odor-Free Dead Sea cleaner, the natural cleaner will pass inside the Oriental rug foundation, on the areas where the urine crystal lay for a long time with the Deodorizer smell.

Previous rug cleaner enabled.

Why was the previous rug cleaner enabled to remove the urine odor from the Oriental rug?

carpet cleaning machine scrubber

Scrubber to wash restaurant floor carpets from dirt and soil – not from urine odor

The urine crystal was an anchor in the rug foundation on the Persian carpet contaminated by Pet-Pee-Pee and released the urine aroma.

The preview Rug cleaner/s doesn’t have a suitable machine to remove the urine crystals located inside the rug foundation.

Carpet cleaning equipment such as scrubbers is not designed to remove urine crystal/odor from antique oriental rugs. Scrubbers designed to shampoo a restaurant floor near the kitchen, the aggressive brush, and an Enzyme shampoo will crack the grees and lift it easily.

Using the Scrubber on the Antique Oriental rug, the rotating brush will damage the yarn by opening the wool/silk fibers and cause fussiness on the rug surfaces. The Enzyme (a fancy word for Detargant/Soap) will release the yarn dye, and the natural dye will bleed.

Shipping rug Pricing & info

Oriental rug shipped from Morocco, Turki, Iran, and Asia to the US all the time; it will take approximately seven days to ship rug from Australia to Florida, US.

How to receive the Pricing and info before preparing the rug for shipping?

  1. Please email us at with pictures of your rug. 
  2. Let us know the high of your rug; watch the video.
  3. Email or Text us the picture or the coins amount, and we can calculate the weight of the rug for the shipper.
  4. After packaging the rug, Email or Text us the size of the package, and we will email you the Carrier label and arrange for the carrier to pick up the box/package from your front door.
  5. Upon receiving, we will notify you immediately.
  6. After cleaning your rug, we will post the video on YouTube and share the link to see how the cleaning process progresses on your Oriental carpet. 
  7. After sharing the video, we will send you the invoice. 
  8. We NEVER ask for your credit card information.

  9. Only customers that conducting business will know the payment mated that PetPeePee uses. 
  10. PetPeePee, we don’t like telemarketing, and we will never call or soliciting you for Business, Meir Martin, the Owner of the PetPeePee.


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