Color Bleed Wool/Silk Oriental rug Stains Removal

Cleaning an Oriental rug from urine odor, Color Will Never Bleed/Run Guarantee!!! PetPeePee company Statment.

How PetPeePee® Clean the Oriental rug and Guarantee the Color Will Never Bleed/Run.

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Publish 09/02/2018 By Meir Martin, the owner of

  1. The big question is, will the color bleed during cleaning and removing the urine odor from the wool/Silk Oriental rug?
  2. The customer asks: How can I  receive a guarantee the color will never run.
  3. Is the Urine odor will resurfaces in the future?

After the PetPeePee cleaned your Asian carpet from the urine odor, the statement we provide to our customers: 1: Color will never bleed, 2: Urine odor removal Complitelly (never deodorizer to cover up).  3. Urine odor that removes will never resurface!

My name is Meir Martin, and I’m the owner of the pet PeePee company; I receive daily the question if I send my oriental rug to be clean do I have a written, GUARANTEED color Will Never Bleed?

 PetPeePee company’s answer is: GUARANTEE in writing, never bleeding, and 100% urine odor removal. 

The Blended minerals from the Dead Sea are acidic; this cleaning product already holds the color naturally. (Acidic is the critical ingredient to keep the dye look inside the wool/silk yarn). 

The XpePee machine,  with the natural Dead Sea minerals/Cleaner that is an organic cleaning product, will provide the insurance: the color will never run.

 The PetPeePee company never uses a scrubber, squeezy: that transfers Push the dark dye to a lighter color area; for this reason, During the cleaning process, we never touch the rug in the wet cleaning process. 

After the cleaning process, the Oriental rug will remain flat on the Vacuum floor to dry overnight; after 12 Hours, when the Asian carpet is 90% dry, it will hang for the final drying. 

 PetPeePee A cleaning process that makes sense.

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