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Cleaning and removing the bad smells from on Oriental rug By the PetPeePee® company, Worldwide service.

What is B-S

We at PetPeePee company name this: Pet Pee-Pee, dirt, dust, Enzyme cleaner as Bacteria-Spot, This B-S spot will grow Bacteria naturally inside the Oriental carpet (wool, Cotton Silk, and the Natural dye), and it will become brown/Yellow stains. And more by mixing several Enzymes cleaner on the Pee-Pee spot/stain, the spot will become Orang-color duo to mixing different Enzymes products (chemical reaction). The orange stain is permanent and can’t be removed.

Dog diarrhea on antique Oriental rug

Dog diarrhea on a wool antique rug

All the dust, Pet saliva, pet pee-pee, and cleaner that customers used will bland within the Pee-Pee spot inside the Oriental carpet deep in the rug’s foundation; it is a fact.

Cleaning the B-S spot using ordinary cleaning products “Enzymes” will do no good duo to the:  Enzyme is a Soapy Cleaning product. The Soapy/Enzyme bland with the B-S and busts the bacteria to grow drastically and show itself in new brown stains on the rug surfaces. The stains may disappear after the cleaning, but they will return bigger and darker; we name the stains as Houdini Spot.

Mr. Meir Martin explains.

Mr. Meir Martin, the owner and the inventor of the PetPeePee® company, explains: On Oriental rug that constructs using Natural dye and fine wool, silk, and cotton fiber, all of this to deliver the finest art on the floor “Oriental Asian rug.”

Cleaning the Oriental rug using the Carpet cleaner equipment will cause damage to the Oriental rug color and fiber: IT IS A FACT!!

How Can we prove it? When baying the Oriental rug, we will ask the Oriental rug dealer, ” How should we care for the Silk/Wool rug?”

The answer from the rug expert is: vacuum the rug every two weeks without the spinning brush teaching the rug surface: Word of expert!!!.

SO if we translate ” NO brush touching the surfaces of the rug,” it means NO SCRUBBER OR DUSTBUSTER on the rug during the cleaning process!!!

THROUGH natural cleaning process

Natural, organic material such as wool/silk plus natural dye and everyday life activity will show on the Asian Carpet. Only a natural cleaning process that protects the natural dye (from bleeding) and the yarn (from fussiness*)during the cleaning process can be recommended to clean and remove the urine odor from the Oriental carpet.

The THROUGH Oriental rug cleaning process

The THROUGH was invented by Meir Martin, the owner of the PetPeePee company.

THROUGH is a cleaning process/Machine (XpetPee) designed to vacuum the Dead Sea cleaner from the Top of the Rug vertically Through the rug fiber.

The XpetPee Machine

The cleaners cover the Asian carpet on the surfaces; the vacuum machine generates the extraction under the rug. The vacuums force the Dead Sea cleaner to move from the top THROUGH the yarn/rug foundation pulling/washing all the Dust and the B-S THROUGH the rug yarn down to the bottom of the vacuum floor pump out to the sewage. 


The clear TUBE above the XpetPee machine shows the cleaner after it washes THROUGH the rug on the way to the sewage. The TUBE shows how the cleaning process progresses and what is in the rug foundation:


When the TUBE is Clear The Oriental rug is clean.

A. Pee-Pee will show as a yellow color,

B. The Brown color shows that the rug was in storage for some time with the dirt and the pet accident, and the Pee-Pee turn to mold bacteria.

C. The Sud above the yellow pee-pee inside the Tube will show the Enzymes cleaner used on the rug and did not rinse properly.

D. When the Tube is clear, the Oriental rug is Clean.

The Dead Sea Cleaner

The natural cleaner contains a secret recipe from the Dead Sea and natural vinegar. This natural cleaner is organic and design by mother nature to kill bacteria and clean the Oriental rug. The vinegar is the cleaner of the old world and used by my grand-grandmother; it is effective today.

Enzyme The Good, the ugly, and the bad.

The enzyme is a big word for detergent or Soap. When we use soap (Enzyme), we Believe it will eat the urine protein, and the urine odor and stains will disappear. The reality is the Soap will clean the stain, posh the dirt, the urine crystals down to the foundation of the Oriental rug, the warm air in the room will force the bacteria with the soap to resurfaces for more oxygen; the stains will show bigger and brownish. This is bad and the ugly. And what is the good about Enzyme? It will make the company that makes it richer.

Why is the Enzyme not recommended to be used on Oriental rugs? The PetPeePee Advice.

By shaking the Enzymes bottle,  the foam/soap will reveal the Enzyme is soap. After shampooing our hair, we all know we must rinse the soap out using running water; it is a must.

By using the Enzymes on the Pee-Pee spot: we add soap on the pee stains blending the soap with the Pee-Pee. The new spots that we create: we at PetPeePee company called “The PeePee-Soap!” is this how you are looking to remove the Pet-Pee-Pee???

Watching on YouTube how Oriental rug company clean on Oriental carpet using a Scrubber and generating a ton of soap above the rug, rinse the rug using the water hose. The reality is that the rug’s foundation is saturated with the soap that will dry in the rug, release unpleasant odor (duo to the Enzymes natural odor), and turn the rug to brownish over time.

The PetPeePee Company advice:

Don’t ever use Enzyme on Oriental rug!!!

THROUGH Cleaning process that makes sense.

The five-star reviews on Google prove the effectiveness of the PetPeePee cleaning mated.

By eliminating all the carpet cleaner machines: Scrubber, Dust-buster, Squeezy, Submerging bath, and Centrifuge machine, we at The PetPeePee company deliver on Oriental rug: Color tack, sharp color, vibrant, sharp color and never fiber distracting.

Publish by Mr. Meir Martin, the inventor, Builder, and the owners of the PetPeePee® name and system.


*fussiness in the yarn results from the Scrubber that twists on the Oriental rug surfaces during the cleaning process; this action will open the wool/silk yarn and cause fussiness (look like a light wool fiber above the rug).


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