Never use a Dust-buster on an Oriental rug!

Never a Dust-buster on Oriental rug, why?

Publish on 08.26.2021 By Meir Martin, the owner of the PetPeePee company worldwide service.

The Dust-buster machine was initially designed to remove the mud, dust from the floor mat in front of home depot.

The Rubber mat design to stand the beating of the Dust-buster and the traffic.


Dust-buster by the PetPeePee company.

The Dust-buster is a rotating rubber stripe that beats the mat/carpet on the back to realize all the mud and dirt out of the mat.

Oriental rug cleaning service.

Suddenly A rug cleaner adopts the Dust-buster machine and uses it on a Persian rug to remove the dust and debris in the rug fibers. Showing all the hair and the dust that collects from the Turkish Wool/Silk rug.

It is no wonder that the Dust-buster will remove the dust and dirt from the Persian rug, but do you know the damage the Dust-buster causes to the Oriental rug will be irreversible???

The beating of the rug and especially the antique carpet will cut the rug foundation and crack the wool/silk yarn.

Asking the owner of Oriental rug store after Purchasing a high-quality Oriental rug, how should we care for the oriental rug? Answer: Vacuum the Oriental carpet/rug without the spinning brush.

But when the time comes and we send the Oriental rug to be clean: the Oriental rug cleaner Dust the Oriental rug using the Dust-buster and shampooing the Persian carpet using a scrubber. Ask yourself what happened to his advice vacuum without the spinning brush???  

When the time comes to clean, Shampoo, or remove the Urine odor from a Persian Oriental carpet, asking the rug cleaner questions:

A. How do you clean the Oriental rug,

B. Are you using Enzymes, and how do you remove all the soap from inside the oriental rug.

C. Do you use a Dust-buster.

D. Do you use a Scrubber on the wool/Silk Oriental rug?

E.  And the final question, can I watch the video how do you clean the oriental rug.

Ask questions will save you money and aggravation, Guarantee.

The PetPeePee® company.

We don’t have a Scrubber, Dust-buster, Enzymes, centrifuge machine, or submerging bath in our warehouse.

All of these machines belong to the carpet cleaning industry! 

PetPeePee company built the Vacuum floor machine ” The XpetPee Machine” and invented the organic odor-free Dead Sea cleaner.

We use this technology To remove the urine odor from the Oriental rug contracted by natural dye and wave using Silk and wool to deliver the best quality rug.

The PetPeePee company knows how to clean on Oriental rug; the reviews posted on Google prove it.

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