How does a professional Oriental rug cleaner remove the unpleasant odor?

The Only and the right way is to wash the Oriental rug from the foul odor is passing the Oriental rug “THROUGH”!!!.


What is THROUGH?

THROUGH is a revolutionary cleaning process invented by Meir Martin, the Owners of the PetPeePee® company.

By washing the Oriental rug Vertically, not horizontally, all the dirt and the active urine crystals in the rug foundation will be vacuum down out of the carpet by the suction generated from under the wool/silk rug.

How the Oriental rug clean by another rug cleaner today?

Using Enzymes (soap) and Scrubber, pushing the suds and dirt horizontally out of the carpet, and scrubbing the fiber back and ford. This carpet cleaner tactic will lead to color bleed and distraction of the Oriental rug fibers.

How should oriental rug care, Rug Dealer Advice?

According to the Asian rug Dealer: vacuum the rug every two weeks and avoid the vacuum brush touching the Asian carpet! (the vacuum brush will work as a sandpaper shaving the wool rug yarn).

Wandering, what am I missing here.

When sending the Persian rug to be clean, the same Asian rug Dealer washing the Persian rug using a dust-buster machine and a 100LB rotating brush “Scrubber” on the Wool/Silk Persian rug. Wandering, what am I missing here???.


The New way to clean On Oriental rug

The best way to clean on Oriental rug

The best way to clean an Oriental rug from urine odor The PetPeePee company.

The PetPeePee® service: when we clean your Persian silk carpet or a Turkish wool rug from dirt or a cat urine odor, The PetPeePee service we do precisely how the rug Dealer said: “ avoid the vacuum brush touching the rug fiber,” respecting the Dealer good advice we at The PetPeePee company never teach the Oriental rug during the cleaning process. This will prevent the color from running, and the color and the fiber yarn will remain sharp.

SO, The PetPeePee service cleans your Afghan, Pakistani rug “THROUGH,” Flooding the Oriental rug ( as the video show) on the top gently, and vacuum all the natural Dead Sea Cleaner from under the carpet, the XpetPee machine design to clean the Oriental rug vertically. By washing the rug THROUGH, The PetPeePee service eliminates all the carpet cleaning equipment that does not plan to work on the Oriental carpet “ The Rug Dealer words.”

Is Enzymes will remove the cat urine odor?

Ask yourself a simple question: IF the enzymes are designed to eat the urine proteins from inside the rug foundation, where will the Enzymes and the urine crystals go after they get digested???



In the PetPeePee service, 

PetPeePee company will removes dog urine odor from Oriental rug and drapery guarantee in writing

women hand in the organic Dead Sea Cleaner

we invented the Organic Dead Sea Cleaner.

We use the Dead Sea cleaner to clean the Persian rug from dirt, soil, or urine odor.

Why the Dead Sea cleaner?

The Dead Sea cleaner it’s not alkaline; it is on Acid blended with Vinegar; it will lock the color to the fiber during the cleaning process (avoiding color run).

The vacuum will wash out the urine crystals in the rug foundation, and the remains will be dry by the Dead Sea cleaner.

Using the Dead Sea cleaner, The PetPeePee service eliminates the need to use the soapy Enzymes that deposit unpleasant odor into the oriental rug fibers.


By using the Dead Sea cleaner and washing the Persian rug as the Rug Dealer recommended, we at the PetPeePee deliver on oriental rug clean color tack and never fussiness. PetPeePee is a cleaning process the makes sense.

Reviews posted on Google PetPeePee review.

King Browne

Two reviews ♣♣♣♣♣

a month ago 07.19.2021

Positive: Professionalism, Quality

As the owner of a 100+-year-old large heirloom Turkoman, I was 100% satisfied with the cleaning provided by PetPeePee. My carpet had years of intermittent urine damage and was stored for years in an enclosed container; the odor is completely gone, and it was BAD. Equally important, the rug is just as soft and supple as when it left my house. The price was higher than I wanted, but at the end of the day, you remember the quality of the service, not the price, and I have no regrets! I’m an engineer, and his process made complete sense to me. The company name is a little silly, but the process is the real deal. I wouldn’t trust a high-quality carpet to be cleaned any other way.

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