Cleaning process of a Persian carpet in the 21st century.

Every Persian carpet is a piece of art, and more, every Persian carpet can teach us about the way of life.

This blog reflects my knowledge of the Cleaning process of a Persian carpet in the 21st century, all types of area carpet, comparing the Walmart carpet Versus Persian Oriental rug.

Of course, there is no comparison between Walmart’s latex plastic synthetic carpet to a Persian rug; there are many differences such as pricing, quality, beauty, and many more.

  • Latex carpet contains wool, glue, and backing from canvas cotton.
  • Acrylic rug made from recycled material very durable resisted to stains (not urine odor) and will last for a long time.
  • Wool machines made such as Karastan made in America very durable design is a copy of Persian rugs stain resistant and will last for a long time.
  • Persian rug, the most beautiful elegant, will last for generations; depending on the quality of the fiber and the dye, this rug could be resistant to some stains; however, nothing resistant to the urine odor.

    urine odor removal from wool carpet

    Wool rug wrong cleaning product on the urine stain


  • Latex carpet low cost, new carpet look beautiful it will lose its beauty by the years expect 10 to 15 years, between the wool and the foundation of the rug dry in the carpet, will lose its texture and beauty. Removing stains or a pet accident may lead to a permanent stain that will become irreversible. PetPeePee company develop a unique cleaning process to clean this latex carpet from a pet accident; however, the cost $cleaning versus the new one in some cases is not worth it to be clean.
  • Acrylic carpet is highly recommended for pet owners.
    The acrylic carpet came with various qualities; the high-quality acrylic carpet contains more than 150 stitches per square inch, resistant to pet stain; however, nothing in a world is resistant to the urine odor.
    Cleaning acrylic carpet using the XpetPee machine will provide a result that you expect from Oriental rug cleaner, never deodorizer clean and odor-free completely.

    Antique Oriental rug on wood floor

    Cleaning an antique Oriental rug on the wood floor will cause damage to the wood floor.

  • Wool area rug such as a Karastan machine made in America high-quality fiber some of the rug resistant to stains, however, nothing in the world resistance to urine odor. This beautiful Karastan area rug will last Manny many years; I had cleaned a Karastan rug that was over 100 years old with a great shape, clean beauty, and the color remain bright and shining. I highly recommend it for pet owners.
    This machine-made wool carpet can be clean perfectly by the XpetPee machine specially designed to clean from dog or cat urine odor.
  • The Persian carpet is the most elegant art on the floor that can last for generations to come.
    Cleaning up Persian carpet, especially from pet urine odor, requires a special skill the XpetPee machine with blended minerals from the Dead Sea is the most advanced cleaning process for the 21st century this cleaning process natural organic and odor free will leave the fiber-free from all do chemicals such as soap detergent enzyme and deodorizer that’s are used in the carpet cleaning industry. This beautiful Persian rug must be clean with a respectful NAVER centrifuge machine, dust buster, or a scrubber that will damage the fiber and the rug’s foundation.
  • The XpetPee machine was invented and build from scratch by Meir Martin, the owner of the PetPeePee company. The XpetPee machine design to clean any area carpet, Persian rug, Iranian carpet gently, protecting the color from running due to the natural cleaner from the Dead Sea.
    The XpetPee machine extracts all the cleaner through the fiber. This cleaner movement from top to bottom will pull out all of the dirt urine crystals that are locked deep inside the foundation (Wool cotton) of the Persian carpet.
  • PetPeePee a cleaning process that’s makes sense, and it shows.


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