How to Remove Stains from an Area rug?

How to Remove Stains from an Area rug

By Meir Martin, the owner of the PetPeePee company nationwide service.

Interested to know the best way to removes pet stains or odors safely? Mr. Meir Martin, the owner of the PetPeePee company.

Dining room area rug, on Oriental rug,  wool/silk Persian carpet, Turkish kilim carpet, or silk chines carpet with a cat or dog urine odor /stains.

Mr. Meir Martin the owner of the PetPeePee company

Meir Martin, I was a wildlife photographer

Mr. Meir Martin: I cannot suggest how to clean/remove dog or cat urine odor/Stain from Oriental rug/area carpet without seeing pictures or a shorts video.

Allow me to explain: In today’s market, there are many different types of Oriental rugs made of wool, silk, sisal, latex rug, Dury, Chinese rug, Persian antique carpet, and many more. Each one of them contains a variety of colors and different fibers. Any suggestion may lead to permanent damage such as color run, fiber fuzziness, stiffness of the Wool/silk, yellow or brown stains.

In the last 30 years, I am dealing with customers that’s own a pet/s and Oriental rug/s. Customers send me the Oriental rug, area carpet from all over the United States after they tried to remove the pet stains, clean products from a pet store, or the suggestion post on Google.

PetPeePee essential service for pet owner

PetPeePee offers pickup and delivery in South Florida for Oriental rugs, area carpets, draperies, and furniture. 100% guarantee urine odor removal is PetPeePee Guarantees.

Most of the area rugs that arrived at the

have damages caused by using the wrong cleaning products or service.

For this reason, we establish a hotline, 954-594-2564. Customers can call during business hours for advice on cleaning, remove pet stains or odor from only Oriental rug, and Please text the picture of the rug /stain. We will guide you (only advise) on cleaning the pet stain/Odor the right way.

Cleaning antique Persian rug from dog urine odor, pick-up by PetPeePee company, Customer asks:

Q: I have a German Shepherd that had an accident on my grandma’s Oriental rug; how to clean it and remove the urine odor?

Q: My cat urinated spray for a long time in the dining room on the custom-made Draperies and the silk Chinese carpet. Can I clean it myself? I already used several cleaning products, and now the stains become brownish, and the color run.

Drapery cleaning service by PetPeePee company

Drapery cleaning service by PetPeePee company.

Q: We discover after Christmas Then My Daughter’s cat spray all over the Christmas tree; this was standing on the Antique Oriental carpet, the size of the rug is 12′ x 15′; what we can do to remove the urine odor is no visible stain.

Q: How to Remove Stains from Area rug caused by a cat?

Q: My dog lifts his leg on custom-made silk draperies. Can I clean it myself?

Q: My cat urinated on an antique sofa between the pillows, the pillows staffed with a goose feather. Can I clean it myself? Using a Wool rug cleaning spray designed to remove urine stains & odor.

A: NO!!! A picture worth 1000 words. Text to PetPeePee the pictures of the Stains on the: Oriental rug, Area carpet, Drapery to 954.594.2564, And please call after texting the pictures during the business hour. Thank you.

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