Color Bleeding and Color Runs in Persian Rugs

Color Runs in Persian Rugs

Color Bleeding and Color Runs in Persian Rugs

The antique rugs experienced color bleeding when a pet accident occurs, magnified in the black-red and blue light color like a cream.

When it comes to dyeing an Oriental rug, two types of dyes the artist will be used. CHEMICAL dyes are composed using formulas with specific instructions that create the same color every time. NATURAL dyes, which come from various sources, including vegetables Such as Tamarack and Shafran, fruits, nuts, and insects.

Natural dyes can be harder to Duplicate precisely, which is why some Turkish, Persian rugs may feature colorsBleeding when liquid such as hot tea or pet urine.
What makes the color run (In most cases) is the cleaning products the customer used to remove the pet accident.

I visit the pet store to see what the salesman will offer me to remove urine stain and odor from up Persian carpet.
My customer told me this story.
I asked the salesman I have an antique Oriental rug made in Iran that my dog’s doorman urinated on; it’s a big stain approximately 1-foot diameter. Can you recommend any cleaning product that will eliminate the odor and remove the yellow stain?
The salesman answer, we have a variety of cleaning product all of them guarantee or your money back.

I purchase two cleaning products, natural miracle and peepee be gone.

I rush home to treat the stain before my wife comes home, and then I will face a problem between my wife, the dog, and me.

I follow the instruction precisely and add ventilation on the rug to dry faster.

The minute my wife came home, she asked me who pee on the rug in the dining? I asked my wife how did you she know that? She answers I smell it through the house.

She went to the dining room, and I notice the color run from the blue area to the light area.

The question is, why the color run?

Persian Oriental rug is dyed with a vibrant color to reach the vibrant, sharp color the rug colored by the vegetable dye. The vegetable color will easily transfer moves when alkaline (soap detergent applies).

For this reason, the Persian rug must be clean in a special way.

All the cleaning products, except those sold in the pet store, are designed to clean the synthetic carpet, not up Persian rug dyed with vegetable dye.

So customers ask: why Color Runs in Persian Rugs? And I answer Persian rug well known as the most high-quality art on the floor, to preserve Oriental rug and clean it the right way, consider using a different cleaning product for every rug or pet accident.

We provide a hotline 954-594-2564; customers welcome to call during the business after texting the picture of the pet stain and asking how to treat the rug the right way.

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