What will it take to ship 9 x 12 antique Oriental rug from Arizona all away to Florida?

Mrs. Virginia from Arizona inherits this Oriental rug after her sister passed away. Her sister used to have several dogs in the house. The treasure Oriental rug was smelled bad from urine odor; she stores the area rug in the garage for a better day.

Unfortunately, she passed away before she had the chance to clean the rug and place it back on the floor.

Mrs. Virginia picked up the Oriental rug and took it to a local COIT carpet cleaner; the rest of the story in her letter to me describes her experience with a local carpet cleaning company.

We at PetPeePee received the Persian carpet/rug and cleaned it specially.

What’s make the PetPeePee company different from the rest? We clean your antique Persian Oriental carpet THROUGH the fiber, washing all the enzyme deodorize and the urine crystal through the fiber. Please pay attention to the color of the tube that shows the vacuum extract from this treasure Oriental rug.

The review of the PetPeePee received on Google reviews proves that’s my cleaning process design and deliver the result the customer looking forward to.

The PetPeePee a cleaning process that’s makes sense, and it shows.

Mrs. Virginia letter described:

Virginia H. to me.

My dear sister passed away and left me many of her lovely antiques.

I knew she loved Oriental rugs, but in looking around, I couldn’t find one I had seen in her library on a previous visit.

Finally, I found the beautiful rug, but I was very puzzled about were stored. She had folded it up and moved it to the corner of her garage. Nevertheless, I was thrilled to take possession of what I remembered was a valuable, beautiful rug. As I drove home from California to Arizona with the very heavy folded rug in my SUV,

I noticed a putrid smell filling the car. It dawned on me why my sister had banished the rug to the garage. Her dogs have urinated on the rug, and the smell has become intolerable for my sister. I then decided I would not take it home without having it cleaned, so I drove directly to Coit rug cleaners in Phoenix and dropped it off.

It was expensive to clean, but I thought I would have my sisters a fabulous rug in my home soon.

The smell was much better, and I put it on the floor of my library to enjoy and remember my dear sister.

After a few months, my housekeeper mentioned she was vacuuming the rug and noticed it had an odor. I hadn’t noticed anything in particular and so just dismissed the idea.

A few months passed, and I went traveling for three weeks on business. When I returned home and walked into my home, it “hit” me. The smell was coming from my sister’s rug. I now know that in living with the rug, I had become used to the smell.

I was shocked that I hadn’t noticed that terrible stench. Houseguests and visitors must have been noticing it for some time, and I was unaware.

What failed with the cleaning I had done in Phoenix? How disappointing. So, this morning I scoured the internet and looked at advertising videos and YouTube demonstrations by companies all over the Country.

Arizona has several companies that claim to remove pet odors. After watching and comparing all the videos, I was not convinced they would do a good job removing the pee smell and guarantee their work.

When I saw and listened to Meir Martin and his company Pet Pee Pee I knew he would give my rug the best cleaning and care. I was glued to his presentations as he used unique, organic minerals from The Dead Sea, and I watched how the minerals washed through the rug fibers and vacuumed them out the back. His patterned vacuum technique was the only method that ran the used solution THROUGH the rug and then into the tubing until the water was clear, indicating the rug was free of all the pee and odor.

Wow!!! This looked like the odor and dirty pee accumulating from years of dog traffic (and worse) would be cleaned at last.

And guess what? Pet Pee Pee guarantees it. They are nationwide with UPS pick up. I texted Mr. Martin a photo, and he texted me back in ten minutes. He gave me a price, told me the weight, and told me something about my rug.

I followed Mr. Martin’s video on folding and bagging for shipping. That same day UPS came to the door, and off it went 3,000 miles to Florida. My home is already smelling better.

Meir Martin UPS delivered the rug after four days. The treasure rug place on the vacuum floor and I start a cleaning process; I was shocked by the color of the tube. The tube is the indication of what is in the foundation of the Oriental rug.

All the chemicals that the dog’s urine crystal, the enzymes, will be washed out through the fiber repeatedly. This cleaning process will wash the treasures carpet thoroughly, leaving the treasure Persian carpet free from urine crystals and chemicals from a Previews carpet cleaner.

The benefit of the PetPeePee cleaning process color will never run, soft fiber, vivid color, and Oriental carpet free from any odor.

Visit this link and see how beautiful and how valuable the Oriental rug is.

The PetPeePee company a cleaning process that’s makes sense, and he chose.

PetPeePee is a nationwide service by using UPS and FedEx for pickup and delivery.


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