PetPeePee Essential Service for Pet Owners.

PetPeePee essential service for pet owner

PetPeePee® 100% guarantee urine odor removal is PetPeePee Statement.

PetPeePee Essential Service for Pet Owners: That needs Area carpet or drapery cleaning from a pet accident.

The PetPeePee company was established in 1992.

Designed specifically for the pet owner to clean and remove that dog and cats accident on Oriental rug, area carpet, antique Persian rugs, custom-made draperies, and fine fibers contaminated by dog or cat urine and pet accident. The service is specially designed for the pet owner.

The PetPeePee company from all the other Oriental rug in carpet cleaners in the market? We invented a natural odor-free cleaning product designed by mother nature to kill the pet accident’s crystal naturally.

PetPeePee worldwide service rug cleaning

The PetPeePee® company worldwide Service for Urine odor removal from the Fine Oriental rugs.

Mr. Meir Martin, the owner of the PetPeePee company, built from scratch the XpetPee machine that’s designed specifically for the Pats owner to clean the high-quality area rug, Persian carpet, Oriental rugs, and antique rug from pet accident.

Removing the pet accident without all the carpet cleaner chemicals delivering the superb result, the pet owners reward us on Google, Yelp, Facebook,  PetPeePee reviews for five stars all the way.

PetPeePee company is a nationwide service using UPS or FedEx for pickup and delivery; how this works for the Pats owner?

Delivering Oriental rugs and drapery to the PetPeePee® warehouse.


It’s facing a problem such as drapery with the urine odor or high-quality antique carpet that’s contaminated by the urine.

Text the pictures to PetPeePee company, 954-594-2564, and we will text you back all the information that you were looking such as pricing and shipping information. The PetPeePee company will arrange the pickup from your front door.

Pet owners that were sinking Oriental rug area rug draperies cleaning naturally with results of no odor, bright color, and never fuzziness (cause by the scrubber and the carpet cleaner enzyme chemicals).

PetPeePee a cleaning process that’s makes sense.

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