Olefin is a marginally acceptable material for rug construction

Olefin is a marginally acceptable material for rug construction

What Rug is BEST with pets?

Purchasing on a Wool/Silk Carpet:

What do you know about Area rugs and Pet Accidents?

Publish on August 09.2021 By Mr. Meir Martin, the owner of the PetPeePee® company Worldwide service.

 I’m interested in buying an oriental rug that will resist the urine stains end odor. Is it too much to ask?.

There are many types of Rugs; in this blog, I will focus on four of the most Popular rugs sold in the market.

  1. Olefin Area rug.
  2. Hand-knotted wool rug.

    Machine made Rug

    Machine-made rug

  3. Machine-made wool rug.
  4. A genuine Oriental rug.


  1. Olefin Area rug is made from a synthetic material ( recycle bottle) resistant to stains, look, and files like a genuine Oriental rug. Color will never bleed, easy to maintain by using a vacuum with a rotating brush without the Fear of destroying the fiber. A carpet made to resist traffic, pet abuse. However, it is not resistant to Pet urine odorDo I recommend this rug to pet owners? YES!


  • Hand-Knotted wool rug. Made in India from genuine wool and acrylic screen. The wool nail to the screen hole and glue from the back. The bond (LATEX) glued the yarn to the screen and the canvas (back of the rug). The Glue (Letax) will dry and turn to yellow dust that will end in our longs. The life expecting of the Latex rug is short. Five to 10Years. The carpet is not forgiven for any pet accidents; it will show the urine stains and hold the urine odor to the point that only PetPeePee company can remove the urine odor, NOT THE STAINS. Do I recommend this rug to pet owners? NO!
Antique Oriental rug

My Home Antique Oriental rug

  • Machine-made wool rug. Karastan, The best carpet for pet owner: Stains resistance soft as wool, bright color, rich design, will lest for generations to come. Simply the best rig for a pet owner. Do I recommend this rug to pet owners? YES!
  • A genuine Oriental rug. When it comes to the best of the best is a Persian, Turkish, Afgan, Pakistani Oriental carpet made to last for generations to come. Oriental rug made of natural dye will remain vivid and bright color for many years, need a special vacuum to protect the yarn from excess brushing. A genuine Oriental rug needs a gentle touch. Pet accidents must be clean in a different way other rugs handle the chemicals (Enzyme) or the rug cleaning process. The beauty of an authentic Antique Persian rug is a joy for those who love the art on the floor. Do I recommend this rug to pet owners? If you can afford one, OH YES!

Above all, I admire Antique Rug,

which is over 100 years old and still shines and looks fantastic. My dogs ( I have two big Douberman who spend all their time on the rug)

run and play on the carpet. Every year before Christmas, the rug goes for a cleaning process on my Vacuum floor machine, and every time it comes back, my wife said the carpet looks fantastic.


Every antique Oriental rug Carrie memories that passed from generation to the next.

Only Antique genuine carpet can tell a story from the pest: Meir Martin.


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