Pets Owners and Oriental rug

Publish August 08.2021 By Meir Martin, the owners of the PetPeePee® oriental rug Drapery cleaning from Pet Pee-Pee.

After losing my 11 years old mail Doberman, My wife and I left heartbroken, but the one that went along is the female Doberman. She was looking all day where he is?.

The post my wife made on Facebook says to all our friends that we lost our Doberman. The Doberman rescue calls my wife, and she said, “ I have a perfect dog for you. Texting the picture of the dog and a week leather the dog show in my home.

After all the adaption papers, the dog is officially as.

New Dog and the Oriental rug.

Rescue a pet from the shelter; you will never know how the dog will behave in the new environment, especially if another dog is in the house.

So: The minute the mail Doberman enters the house, he saw the female and pee-pee on the leg of the chair that stands on the 120-year-old Persian rug.

Since my business is Oriental rug cleaning from Pet-Pee-Pee, I took the time to write this article.

Cleaning on Oriental rug from Pet-Pee-Pee in the home.

There are many pieces of advice on the internet this contain all kinds of Abracadabra advice; this will lead to a permanent stain on your Oriental rug. 

Cleaning on an antique oriental rug From a pet accident must be done with a Shop-Vac, apply a towel under the pet accident end, apply freezing water on the stain, and vacuum immediately. With nap, Direction repeats the process several times. 

If yellow stains remain on a Light Beige carpet, do not use vinegar. (Vinegar will hold the stain color as the original color).

Many pet owners will roll the rug and left it in the garage until the dog will stop having accidents in the house; however, Rug with Pee-Pee will become permanent yellow stains.

Never: Only after cleaning the Oriental rug from pet Accident the Rug can go for storage.

Natural fiber colored by natural dye will become a food source for the bacteria that grow on the urine crystal or the Pet Natural waste such as Urine, Vomit, Dairria, saliva, Blood, and The Oli for the dog skin.

We at PetPeePee company know the difference between a rug that smells bad from a urine odor combined with the Enzymes cleaner (products the customer or a professional rug cleaner used on the rug).


What is Enzyme, Pet Accident removal

Going to the pet store in a panic mode and asking the salesman with a dramatic tone, my dog pee-pee on 120years old On Oriental rug. What can I do to remove the pee-pee before my husband come home?.

The salesman who has no experience or knowledge about Urine odor removal from an antique Persian rug will sell you a cleaning product that can permanently damage your heirloom rug.

Why On Enzyme can ruin your rug?

What is Enzyme???

Many chemicals that combine to one answer Detergent.

How do we know if the cleaning products that we bute from the pet store are DETERGENT?

Shack the bottle and squeeze Fume will pore out from the bottle, telling us the cleaning product is Soap or detergent.

How do we handle Soap in everyday life?

After shampooing our hair, we properly wash it from the soap.

If soap remains in the hair, it will grow bacteria, and it will each.

Enzymes are potent Chemical substance that contains a strong detergent (washing a wool sweater in your washing machine requires a soft, gentle detergent that will protect the wool during the cleaning process).

Removing the pet Accidents from the Wool silk Oriental carpet requires special care due to the red neer the yellow or the dark blue near the light beige.

By washing the Yarn using the Enzyme, the high PH Shampoo will brack the dye from the ruts of the fiber and let it free to move to the lighter area, Meaning the color bleed, meaning permanent damage to the rug?

Can you blame the salesman that sold you the Enzyme cleaning products??? 



Before new pets come to your home, Blacking the Dining room area to protect the Oriental rug. Let the pets play on the hard floor or outside, and if the accident happened, see the video on how we clean pet Accidents the right way.

Before cleaning or sending your Oriental rug to be clean by a Professional, “ What you should know.”

Ask Questions: avoid aggravation upon the delivery.

Ask this Question!!!:

The first Question customer ask: How the price to clean a wool/silk carpet? And if the price looks okay, they will order the service.

Do you know 70% of homeowners require a Rug cleaning needs Urine odor removal? The urine odor becomes more robust, and the natural color bleed/run will happen upon delivery. Is the low price you received worthed??? ( Color bleed Story)

Persian carpet that is clean in the wrong way will bleed, and if

  1. Do you Guarantee in writing urine odor removal without using deodorizer? ( Deodorizer will mask the urine odor for a short time).
  2. Do you clean the Oriental rug using a Scrubber? ( A Scrubber is an aggressive machine design to clean a restaurant floor and carpet, Not an oriental rug.
  3. Ask !!! Do You Guarantee Color will not Bleed/Run?. A professional Oriental rug cleaner using the Carpet cleaner equipment on a fine Oriental rug colored with Vegetable dye will cause permanent damage such as color bleed and fussiness.
  4. Reviews on Google are the best tools to identify the company’s legitimacy. Google Reviews is hard to fak.
  5. After asking this question, ask: and How much do you charge to clean the Oriental rug.

The Price is essential if the service is correct. Mr. Meir Martin.




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