What did You need To Know About Moroccan Rugs Pets Pee-Pee Stains & Odor Removal?

Publish 08.05.2021, by Mr. Meir Martin, the owner of the PetPeePee® company

A natural art on the floor from the north African country: Morroco

The demand for natural wool colored by a natural dye and simple art, almost as a primitive design, but the growing demand made the Moroccan rug and the art on the floor memorable for those who visit Morocco.

A lovely lady from Texas sends to PetPeePee warehouse four Moroccon rugs to be clean from dog urine odor.

Why did the lady from Texas send FOUR Morrocan rugs to Florida to be clean from urine odor?

Asking the right question, save the art on the floor.

The lady told me: I lived in Morrocco for two years ( National geographic), the rugs covering the house we rented during my mission in Morocco. 

When we left, I took all the six rugs back home to Texas. The previous cat in morocco left the odor in the carpet, and my cats in Texas pee-pee on the rugs.

Without any knowledge about rug cleaning from urine stains and odor, I delivered the rugs to an Oriental rug cleaner in my city, asked for the price, and left the Moroccon rugs in his position for cleaning.

Two weeks later, I am standing in his shop above my rugs that are still carrying cat pee smells, but the color bleeds all over, asking the owner what happened to the rugs why the color bleed?. His hesitation reveals that they destroyed my Moroccon carpets and nothing I could do to fix it; I left the carpet on the floor and left the store.

Meir Martin is the Owners of the PetPeePee® company.

An educated consumer is our best customer.

Letting your Oriental rug go for a cleaning, What you should know before.

Ask yourself: what can go wrong upon delivery.

  1. The rug still carries a smell of urine odor.
  2. The color can bleed.
  3. Is the rug will be soft.
  4. Is the color will be dull.
  5. The color’s not sharp like it used to be.
  6. The rug smells of chemicals.
  7. The rug looks like it was in a washing machine.

Many things can go wrong: when a Carpet cleaner attempted to wash An Oriental rug colored by natural dyes.

The dye will bleed if a strong PH detergent is used. The scrubber machine scrubbing the wool fiber back and ford (in a rotation, breaking and separating the yarn thread making the fibers fuzzy, and moving the color from the dark area to the light color).

So How to find the right Oriental rug cleaner???

Ask many questions such as.

  1. Do you Guarantee in writing urine odor removal?.
  2. Do you Guarantee upon delivery no chemical smell?
  3. Do you guarantee in writing color will never bleed?.
  4. Do you have a video on YouTube that shows how do you clean an Oriental rug?
  5. Are you using a Scrubber during the cleaning process?
  6. How do you dray the rug on the floor, or do you hang it after the cleaning?

I decided to post this blog after the lady from Texas told me her story. 

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Michael Kramer

Local Guide·24 reviews·16 photos

Two years ago

My wife found PeePeePee as I was trying to decide how to dispose of our beautiful, expensive wool Moroccan carpets that had been soaked in cat urine and allowed to dry by an ex-wife.  The carpets smelled horrible.  I was very impressed with the fantastic customer service from PeePeePee, from explanations to assurances and guarantees to making shipping the rugs easy by arranging for and paying for FedEx delivery.  The carpets were very promptly returned clean and odor-free.  We cannot recommend PeePeePee highly enough.  We have no complaints whatsoever.  Our beautiful rugs will be enjoyed for many years to come.  THANK YOU!!!!

The PetPeePee Company, World-wide service for cleaning a high-quality Oriental rug from Dog/Cat urine odor. 

Delivering written Guarantees: Never color bleed and 100% urine odor removal using the Naturals ODOR-FREE Dead Sea Minerals and the XpetPee machine that never touched the Oriental rug fibers during the cleaning process.

The PetPeePee is a cleaning process that makes sense.

The PetPeePee system was invented and built solitary by Mr.Meir Martin.

Moroccan Rug clean naturally

Oriental rug clean by PetPeePee company shipped from Washington State

What did You need To Know About Moroccan Rugs Pets Pee-Pee Stains & Odor Removal?