Cleaning a Persian rug from urine odor

by the PetPeePee company.

Cleaning Oriental rug VS removing the urine odor?

The XpetPee Oriental rug cleaning

The XpetPee Oriental rug cleaning

Cleaning On carpet don by shampooing the rug using a soap or detergent (Enzyme).

The cleaning process On the Oriental rug is not guaranteed urine odor removal.

Cleaning on the Oriental rug should be done by a natural cleaner ( Low PH) and never by carpet cleaning equipment.

Using the Scrubber or the carpet cleaning machine will damage the wool, color, and foundation of the Wool rug.  The damage will be permanent, and it will cut the life expectancy of Oriental rug; it’s a fact.



Removing urine odor from on Oriental rug.

PetPeePee statement: Some companies advertise “guarantee urine odor removal from on Oriental Rug” when their main business is Carpet cleaning, air duct, and hard floor cleaning. Those carpet cleaner companies clean your Oriental rug using the same Carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals designed to clean the restaurant floor. Using the machines (Scrubber) or the cleaners (Enzyme) can damage your Antique Persian rug. 

The growing number of pets owner and the need to cover the bare floor with decorative art bring the Oriental rug to become a special art under the dining room table or in the master bedroom. Our pets know not to pee at home! But accidents accorded only on the most expensive Oriental rug. We have to find a service that can remove the urine odor, the cleaning products we used on the rug and clean the Oriental rug simultaneously.

About the PetPeePee company.

Since 1993 Meir martin, the PetPeePee company owner’s ( Originally as a professional Wildlife Photographer ), opened the company exclusively servicing the Pet Owners for urine odor removal and oriental rug cleaning.

Mr. Meir martin, in removing the urine odor, we clean the oriental rug from dirt and soil. However, the main Reason customers worldwide contacting the PetPeePee company is a unique service, Machine, and Organic cleaner that obliterates the urine odor cleans the rug, brings the shine back to the natural dye and protects the color by NOT USING ANY CARPET CLEANER AQUIPMANT or CHEMICALS.

The XpetPee machine Washes the Antique Persian rug THROUGH the yarn without touching the Wool/Silk fiber on the top.

Antique Oriental rug

My Home Antique Oriental rug

This washing process protects the color and the yarn from twisting against the natural yarn (using the Scrubber will open the twisted yarn, and the rug will lose its sharpness).

On Oriental rug that contains many colors from dark red, Navy Blue, Black, dark yellow. The wet yarn will free the color when a wrong cleaner bean is used when washing, cleaning, or removing the urine.

The natural dye breakout from the yarn and moves to the lighter color with the help of the Scrubber or a squeeze carpet cleaner machine to make the color bleed.

The XpetPee machine was invented and built by Meir martin Solitary, design to do one service WASHING THE FINEST RUG through THE FIBERS.

The XpetPee machine must work with the natural cleaner to hold the color and not deposit odor into the yarn during the cleaning process. The Dead Sea cleaner is 100% Organic and odor-free. The uses of the natural high constraint vinegar will evaporate from the rug.

The process of removing urine crystals from a high-quality Oriental rug requires a new professional that is not related to the carpet cleaning industry; Oriental rug and Pet urine odor is a new professional that must use odor-free cleaner and machine that guarantee the color will never run and odor removal guarantee without masking the rug with Deodorizer.

Publish by Mr. Meir Martin, the Owner of the PetPeePee company, 08.17.2021.


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