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What did it take to become a professional oriental rug cleaner and provide 100% urine odor removal from Draperies and Fine Oriental rug?

The Reviews on Google PetPeePee prove: What I Promise I deliver.

Cleaning the Oriental rug with passion and love.
My name is Meir Martin. I’m the owner of the PetPeePee company.

Oriental rug cleaning review

dogs on the Oriental rug

I grew up in Jerusalem, and the love of Oriental rug came from my parents’ house; every room was decorated with Oriental rug.

Caring for the Oriental rugs is the dust issue until the rent-free dog came into my life at the age of 14, and the new problems emerge “Urine odor.”

Pet Pee Pee company and nationwide service for cleaning Oriental rugs from dog and cat urine odor present: how Oriental carpets should be cleaned from dog URINE odors?

Publish December 16, 2018, by Meir Martin, the owner of the PetPeePee company.

Cleaning Oriental rugs from dog and cat urine odor is not an easy task. Removing the urine odor should be done through the wool rug, washing the oriental rug through every nat.

The wall or silk must be washed ultimately.

PetPeePee company developed a machine that cleans the Oriental rug through the rug, this cleaning process inshore the Dolor will never run, and the urine odor will wash it out.

At Oriental rug cleaning companies, we are also using a one-of-a-kind cleaning product blended with minerals from the Dead Sea.

This cleaning product does not contain salt.

This unique cleaning product will never deposit any unpleasant smell on the rug. It means your Oriental carpet will be free from any odor guarantee.

And more, in the process of removing the urine odor, we clean the Oriental rug from dirt and soil.

The review that we received on Angie’s List and Google reviews prove that our cleaning processes work.

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