Preventing treading Moth/Ash Damage on wool Oriental Rugs.

Publish July 01.2021 By Meir Martin, the owner of the PetPeePee company.

Moth/Ash and Wool  Bagworm species. Eastern tent caterpillar (Malacosoma americanum).

Damage of moths can quickly cause permanent damage to wool Oriental carpet – this damage occurs subtly – the damage will occur in storing the wool rug or in the dark/ low light bedroom.

When the damage is in progress, you will detach the Mosh activity.

ASH/Mosh Wool Oriental Carpet

ASH/Mosh Wool Oriental Carpet

Do you suspect that your wool Oriental carpets/rugs are damaged or already infected by moth activity? Contact the PetPeePee Company; we have the experience to find the source (nest) and destroyed the Ash/Moth nest by using the natural Dead Sea Minerals and the XpetPee Machine.


Mose/Ash prefers eating.

PetPeePee company found the wool Oriental rug infected by Pet urine will be a starting point for the Ash/Mosh to start the colony.

  1. Whar must likely MoshAsh colony will start growing?

The Moth/Ash Main source of food is wool. The wool doesn’t provide all the nutrition/food the larvae needs, and the Ash will prefer Contaminant Area in the Wool Oriental rug.

  1. Area with urine crystals (from the pet accidents) offers additional food for the Larvae. 
  2. Wool Oriental rug colored by the Vegetable dye will be on the menu too.
  3. Spiling on the wool rug a sweet drinks, the liquid will evaporate, and the sugar will remain as protein.
  4. The Pet accidents Vomit, diarrhea, or saliva: the protein area will be The Chosen spot for the Ash/Mosh to start the colony.

Cleaning the Wool Carpet from Moth/Ash at home.

Planty off advice on the Internat, removing the Moth Larvae from deep inside the wool rug will be difficult.

The PetPeePee company recommended: 

Moth activity is in the dark. ( close room with Zero light is an excellent place to start a Mose colony) 

  1.  SO: Live the light ON for 14 days.
  2.  Spray white vinegar on the wool rug for 14 days; this will cut the food supply. 
  1.   Vacuum every day for 14 days; this will prevent the larvae from being active.
  2. Leave the light ON in the closet.
  3. The MothAsh can fly to the Air condition vent and move to another room.


What should you know about cleaning the Wool Oriental rug at HOME?

Please DON’T ever cleans On Oriental rug at home. Please watch the video, Meir Martin.

Wool Oriental Rug that infected by Moths must be clean in a particular way.

The PetPeePee Company Nationwide service.

Customers can ship the Oriental rug to PetPeePee Warehouse in Florida to be clean from the urine odor and finished with the Ash/Moth problems (Urine Crystals is the #1 source for the Moth activity).

First: The Oriental rug must be clean from the Urine odor/Crystals. (Please watch how the Oriental rug cleaned THROUGH the fiber by removing the urine crystal from the Yarn.)

After cleaning and removing the urine crystal and the larvae egg THROUGH, we treated the Wool Vegetable Oriental rug with the Dead Sea Cleaner/Minerals.

The Dead Sea Minerals will vacuum in a particular way deep inside to the rug’s foundation, and a percentage of the Minerals will remain in the wool/cotton yarn that will prevent any Mose/Ash activity in the future.

The Dead Sea Cleaner/Minerals

The PetPeePee company’s secret cleaner is the Dead Sea minerals.

The natural odor-free, editable, is the PetPeePee cleaner.

This cleaner design by mother nature to kill the bacteria by lowering the PH to acidic levels is a beater. The Dead Sea minerals it’s not ocean salt.


The PetPeePee Company Guarantees.

Cleaning Oriental rugs from Moth/Ash and Urine odor is our leading service.

The XpetPee machine and the Dead Sea Minerals will clean, sanitize the wool carpet, and removes the urine crystal with the Moth/Ash.

The damage to the rug/wool can be repaired by a professional rug Weaver ( we at PetPeePee don’t do this type of repair).

PetPeePee company statement:  100% guarantees in writing urine odor removal, without covering the rug with Enzyme or Deodorizer smell.

Odor-free Ash and Moth free rug will be delivered to the customer Guarantee, Never fuzziness of the wool (the fuzziness caused by using the Scrubber and the Carpet cleaning equipment on the Oriental rug.

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