Expecting the unexpected Oriental rug cleaning service.

What to do?

What to do when the Oriental rug in the dining room starts smelling from urine odor?

Calling a local carpet cleaner and ask: How much is it to clean an Oriental rug?

Antique Persian oriental rug

Antique rug made in Iran

receiving the answer that in your budget and the Oriental rug on the way to be clean, the question is ”

Expecting the unexpected Oriental rug cleaning service.” Do you know if you will receive the Oriental Carpet as you Expecting?

What to look for?

Cleaning on an Antique Persian rug from urine needs skill, equipment, and cleaning products that will work differently from the Enzyme.

This Sarock Antique Oriental rug is over 100 years old; A customer from Michigan needs a service to clean the rug (in the picture) from dog urine odor: The question is, what is the right cleaning process that will deliver results and NOT disappoint.?

An antique over 100 years old Oriental rug that is equal to a Bantelly car. Not every garage can repair a Bantelly, and the same fallow to clean an Antique Sarouk Persian rug color by Vagtabil dye and wive close to 300 Stitches per square inch.https://youtu.be/Ob2who1FvPw

In Google search, All the Oriental rug cleaners are on the Carpet cleaning page. However, not all carpet cleaners clean your carpet the same way.

Introducing the PetPeePee company.

What makes the PetPeePee company different from the rest of the carpet cleaners? And WHY.?

What is the customer Expecting upon delivering the Antique Oriental rug? Clean, Shine, Soft, Chemicals free, and FREE from URINE ODOR.

Searching on google for the right rug cleaning.

Searching on Google or YouTube “Oriental rug cleaning service”: search display hundreds of services, cleaning, scrubbing, shampooing the Oriental rug with various machines and chemicals. Are these Machines and the cleaning products (Enzyme) will deliver the “Expecting results customer dream about?

IF the Antique Oriental rug is delivered Odor-free, soft, and chemicals-free (soap-Enzyme), it will be the ultimate goal.

Introducing the PetPeePee company.

The PetPeePee company, we clean Only Oriental rug and Drapery from urine odor. This put PetPeePee company as an expert in Oriental rug urine odor removal service. The PetPeePee company never uses the Carpet cleaner machines such as Scrubber, dust buster, and centrifuges machine that belongs to the carpet cleaning industry, not to the Oriental rug cleaning service.

And more to be in the top Reviews ranking on Google The PetPeePee company put together the Natural Odor-free cleaner from the Dead Sea. This Natural cleaner is free from SOAP and ODOR. FREE mining is: it will never deposit any stickiness to the oriental rug fibers Or ODOR.

And more: cleaning on antique Oriental rug requires a machine that cleans the Rug THROUGH the fiber, washing the yarn from the soap (Enzyme customer used) and the urine crystals that rest in the foundation of the Oriental rug and realize the urine odor.

The XpetPee machine was invented to eliminate all the Carpet cleaner machines such as scrubbers or squeeze that will cause damage to the rug fiber (Yarn) and the color that will run/Bleed.

The Combination of the Natural odor free cleaner and the technique: washing the Oriental rug THROUGH the fiber will deliver the

Expecting the unexpected Oriental rug cleaning service By PetPeePee Company Guarantee.



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