Persian Rug Saturated with Pet Urine. Magical rug cleaning, PetPeePee Oriental Carpet Worldwide Service

Antique Oriental rug on wood floor

Cleaning an antique Oriental rug on the wood floor will cause damage to the wood floor.

A client from Dallas, Texas, thought their Persian rug was beyond restoration, two big dogs and a cat using the Dining room Persian carpet as a backyard.

The Iranian carpet has Already been cleaned by A local Oriental rug cleaning Service in Dallas, Texas.

The stench from the chemicals, deodorizer and the remaining urine odor make the rug upon delivery rent-free in the garage.

The customer from Texas told me, “I thought Saving this antique carpet will Impossible. Every time I was entering the garage, the odor reminds me then the Oriental rug needs a cleaning service.” Many times I thought of placing the Antique Persian rug in the dumpster, but I have the filling “I will find the right service.”

The customer from Texas asked me if you guaranteed to remove the nasty odor from the Persian carpet?

Allow me to explain the benefit of using the PetPeePee Oriental rug cleaning from dog and cat urine odor.

2002 I opened the company by the name PetPeePee®, And I built the XpetPee machine from scratch,

XpetPee Machine

Oriental carpet cleaning machine the XpetPee Machine

The benefit of all the XpetPee machines over the carpet cleaner submerging bath is the ability to wash the Oriental carpet, area rug, Persian carpet through the fiber.
The powerful extraction from under the rug transfers the cleaner through the fiber, rinsing/washing the yarn through.

The cleaner the PetPeePee uses is a blended mineral from the Dead Sea, a natural cleanser that never deposits any odor into the fiber.

The XpetPee machine never uses the enzyme or the deodorizer shampoo that deposits unpleasant smells and masks cover the urine odor.

The XpetPee machine uses the natural cleaning process that rewards PetPeePee company with a five-star review on Google Angie’s Facebook and Yap list.

Customer from Texas post on Google PetPeePee review.

a month ago
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I sent three oriental rugs to Martin that belonged to my father. They have been in our family for decades and had become very, very dirty and dingy. I was nervous about sending them across the country, but I was assured that he would take great care with them as soon as I spoke with Martin. He instructed me on every step and followed up with me, so I knew all was well. I can’t say enough about his work! The rugs are vibrant and gorgeous again!! Martin is a master at what he does and is friendly and easy to work with. I’ve never met him, but I feel like I have a new friend! He is knowledgeable, friendly and, and his work is fantastic! Thank you again, Martin!!



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