AREA RUG CLEANING REMOVING THE URINE ODOR, By PetPeePee company nationwide service.

wool rug cleaning

wool carpet clean from dogs urine odor

Cleaning the area rug from pet stains could be a challenge!

All the Enzyme and the cleaning products on the internet/advice may lead to bigger stains on wool carpet. 

So how to remove the urine odor, Pet Accidents, and stains the right way from high-quality Afghani, Turkish, Persian, Chines Area rug/carpet, and avoid any color run or fiber fuzziness?

The PetPeePee company was established in 1991, serving pet owners for cleaning and removing dog and cat urine odor from an Area rug, and high-quality Oriental rug.

The experience that’s we gain through the years nail us as a leading in the Area rug cleaning from the urine odor and pet accident.

The PetPeePee company built the XpetPee machine that changed how antique Persian carpet, area carpet clean from the pet accident.

Design rug clean from urine odor

Design rug clean

The PetPeePee company put together the Natural Odor-free Dead Sea Cleaner that design to crack down the urine crystals from deep inside the wool carpet, and more the Dead Sea cleaner will never deposit any odor into the Area wool or silk rug.

Upon delivery, No more unpleasant smell from the enzyme or the deodorizer, no more color run or fuzziness caused by the scrubber (scrubber design to clean the floormate front of Home Depot).

The PetPeePee using the XpetPee machine that cleans the area carpet THROUGH the fiber. This revolutionary technique delivers the pet owner’s result is looking for;  AREA RUG CLEANING REMOVING THE URINE ODOR.

The reviews that PetPeePee company received on Google prove that Our promise delivers.

Hear is one of the reviews PetPeePee received on Google.

Organic cleaning service provide by PetPeePee company 100% urine odor removal permanently

Organic Cleaning wool carpet West Palm Beach service provide by PetPeePee company

a month ago
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

At the recent death of my father, my wife and I acquired four beautiful Persian rugs, all very old and all very very dirty. Unfortunately, we couldn’t even bring them into our home because of my wife’s severe allergies to dust, mold, and almost all odors. We could hardly unroll them without risking a major allergic reaction. Thank heavens for Google. As we searched the internet, we were so fortunate to find the PetPeePee site. After watching the videos of other rugs being cleaned, we gave Martin a call and had a delightful conversation. We were sold and decided to give it a try. His instructions on how to ship the rugs were clear. Within just a few days we received message that he had received them and that a video of our rugs being cleaned was on the web! We were amazed to watch the colors change almost instantly from dull and muted to rich and vibrant. When they arrived back a few days later, they were in perfect condition, with no odor, no dust, and no triggers for my wife’s allergies. What was more, the colors were beyond anything we had ever imagined. I was reminded of an old oil painting we had had painstakingly cleaned, and how the character and the color of the canvas took on a whole new life and dimension. It was the same for our rugs. We couldn’t be more pleased.

PetPeePee a cleaning process that’s makes sense.

Nationwide service by PetPeePee company


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