PetPeePee Company Drapery Oriental Carpet Clean & Urine Odor Removal

PetPeePee Drapery Oriental carpet urine odor removal

PetPeePee company Bilbord

PetPeePee® Drapery Persian Carpet Urine Odor Removal


PetPeePee company natural odor-free cleaning process design to permanently remove the dog or the cat urine odor using the Dead Sea cleaner and the XpetPee machine designed to clean Oriental rug, silk carpet, and wool Persian rug pet accidents.

The benefit of cleaning the wool carpet with the XpetPee machine is removing the bad odor from the pet accident without harming the fiber or the color.

PetPeePee guarantee: 100% urine odor removal completely without masking/coverup the odor in the antique Persian rug.

Preserving the color

A wool rug Urine Odor Removal.

120 years old Persian rug in the living room

How Oriental carpet that’s colored by vegetable dye how it should be clean?

The PetPeePee company built the XpetPee machine designed to clean and wash the Oriental carpet through the fiber.

Then the movement of the cleaner through the fiber will ensure the removal of the dirt and the urine crystal.

The odor-free acidic cleaner from the Dead Sea cleaner will inshore the color will never run.

The wool-silk fiber

The XpetPee machine eliminates the carpet cleaner equipment such as scrubber, dust buster, centrifuge machine, and submerging bath. 

Antique Persian rug

Custom-made Drapery clean by the PetPeePee company from dogs urine odor

The Dead Sea Cleaner design to brack down the urine crystals Naturally without depositing artificial odor into the Wool/Silk carpet.

Natural cleaning product

The Dead Sea cleaner is our secret formula to clean draperies, Oriental rug, Wool Persian carpet, silk Chinese rug, and area rug.

The Dead Sea cleaner is odor-free completely, tastes better like the Dead Sea.

The benefit of the Dead Sea cleaner it will never deposit residue off the enzyme (enzyme cleaner is blended with detergent soap)

The PetPeePee company Upon Delivery

PetPeePee statement upon delivery customer can smell the clean item guarantee no trace of urine odor never chemical smell or deodorizer.

PetPeePee a cleaning process that’s makes sense, and it showed.

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