How On Antique Persian Carpet Should Be Clean From Pet Urine

Most of the Antique Oriental rug Colored by Vegetable Dye: This is a task to remove the Urine Crystals/Odor and protect the color and the Nape during the cleaning process.

Visiting YouTube Under Oriental rug cleaning from urine odor raises the Question: Is A Soap/Enzyme and a Scrubber machine is the right way to clean end remove the urine odor from an Antique Oriental rug?

Today 2021 there are several cleaning processes 1. The PetPeePee cleaning process 2. The Carpet cleaners clean the oriental Rug as wall to a wall cleaning process.

Ask questions before letting the Rug go for cleaning.

Ask questions and guarantee in writing!

Before letting your Rug go for a cleaning, ask the provider these questions:

Educated consumer

Supersize rug clean by the PetPeePee company from urine odor using the Dead Sea cleaner.

  1. Do you Guarantee the color will never run/Bleed?
  2. Are you using/applying Deodorizer on the Oriental carpet?
  3. Are you doing the cleaning process or subcontracting the cleaning.
  4. Do you Guarantee in writing the removal of the urine odor completely?

By asking questions before letting your Oriental Rug go for a cleaning, it will avoid aggravation upon receiving!.

Buying an Oriental rug, the Dealer will guide the customers on how to care for the Asian carpet/rug at home:

  1. Vacuum and Avoid the vacuum brush touching the rug surface.
  2. Avoid Using Soap to remove stains.

An area rug that we bot in home Depot will last for a short time and go to the Dumpster.

An Asian rug builds to lest for generations to come IF it will preserve the right way.

The PetPeePee company Mr. Meir Martin, Only an Educated consumer that asks questions before letting the Oriental carpet go for a cleaning, will pass the Rug to the next generation.

BUT !?

When we send our Oriental Rug to the Dealer (that sold us the Oriental Rug)  to be clean (watch the videos on YouTube), The Scrubber and the Soap tack a significant role in the cleaning process. Is This Is Right???.

Many of my customers from around the globe that seas my videos wrote on PetPeePee Google Reviews

Mrs. Kristine Carlton wants two oriental rug cleaners in Washington State and asks them: Is the color during the cleaning process will bleed.? Do you Guarantee the removal of the rat’s urine odor?

Ask Questions, and save your Oriental rug from the DUMPSTER!!!

How an Antique Oriental rug Should be Clean

By Meir Martin, the Owner and the inventor of the PetPeePee cleaning process.

Cleaning an oriental Rug, especially from pet Urine, requires a unique cleaning process. Since 2014, PetPeePee has published Hundreds of videos on YouTube, Facebook, showing the PetPeePee® cleaning process using the XpetPee machine.

What makes the PetPeePee cleaning process Unique?

  1. Never A Scrubber.
  2. Never an Enzyme or Deodorizer.
  3. Never Submerging bath.
  4. Never a Dustbuster.
  5. Never a squeeze.
  6. And Never Never the giant laundry machine that washes the Oriental Rug as Socks.

The XpetPee machine was designed and built by Meir martin solitary, from the smallest broad to the welding of the Aluminium floor way Because there is nothing like this machine and system in the World. The PetPeePee Reviews posted on Google prove The PetPeePee company delivers Oriental Rug and Drapery Odor-Free from urine odor, Clean & never color bleed.


PetPeePee A cleaning process that makes sense.

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