The Story of Oriental rug As Art.

Clean it the Right Way and Enjoy It For Life.

The Lady walked into the Oriental rug store looking for an Oriental rug under the table that she received from Japan; she visualized the rug’s color and pattern in her hade.

After visiting more than five stores, she realizes it will be on task to find the right Oriental rug.

The dining room table and the size of the dining room are out of the standard dimension, mack the Oriental rug as a Mission Impossible.

Looking for the right Oriental rug for more than two years.

Taking a vacation in Louisiana, Visiting her daughter and her first shopping trip went to the Oriental rug store. Entering the store and hear is the perfect Oriental rug; the size, color, nape, and quality are excellent. 

The only milestone is the Price. 

All this is history. It happened in 1973 today 2021, and the Persian rug lay under the table in the dining room: never bean clean No Pets in the house, the oriental carpet is in a perfect shape.

Visiting my Mother in Washington for Thanksgiving with two teenagers and two Yorkies.

We discovered the two dogs had a field on the oriental rug close to the window under the Japanese table when we went back to Louisiana.  

Searching in Washington for a service that can remove the urine odor from the Orienta carpet and prevent the color from bleeding.

My mother told me she had a bad experience with cleaning one of her rugs before, and the local service delivered to her a pink rug “ The color bleed all over.” So she demands that I find a service that Guarantees color will not bleed and the removal of the urine odor.

Due to the point that My Dogs did the damage, I have to be responsible to find a service that delivers this millstone service.


My name is Meir Martin. I am the owner and the inventor of the PetPeePee company; my Statement is clear! 100% guarantee in writing: Never color run and urine odor removal entirely, using the odor-free Dead sea cleaner (PetPeePee secret cleaner) and the XpetPeeMachine that clean the Oriental rug THROUGH.

The Lady from Louisiana called my PetPeePee office and described the story of a mother rug located in Washington.

The size of the rug is 8’x17’. Tradition Persian rug from 1960 never been cleaned.

Two weeks later, UPS delivered a box from Washington.

The rest is history, Duo; to the high-Quality of the rug, all the stains were bean removed, the color stayed tack, and the urine odor removed.


PetPeePee A Cleaning process that makes sense.


Since the reviews in 1990 were not available on the internet ( it was not born yet), I would like to post the review posted today 10.18.2021 On PetPeePee Google Review: from Washington State similar story.…8.9043728j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#lrd=0x88d90255c7ddab9f:0xb39b43d997ba6301,1,,,

Kristine Carlton

Moroccan Rug clean naturally

Oriental rug clean by PetPeePee company shipped from Washington State

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10 hours ago NEW 10.18.2021

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

OMG, I was so happy to find Martin at Pet Pee Pee!  I bought this beautiful Moroccan rug that is vegetable dyed and two local, reputable cleaners said hand cleaning was my best option to avoid the vegetable dye from running and turning the white parts pink.  This was going to be twice as expensive!  So I stored the rug while I was deciding and during storage, some rats got to it.  Gross!  Now hand cleaning was not going to be enough so it didn’t matter how much it cost.  Enter Martin at Pet Pee Pee.  His process not only preserved the color without it running but removed the rat spoilage and now my rug looks and smells amazing!  Martin was very communicative and professional, the service was fast and efficient, shipping was easy, and he even sent me the video which was super cool to see.  What a relief!  Now I can have my rug back in my life again.  Thanks, Martin!


PetPeePee company post a Video on YouTube of the cleaning process 


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