Oriental rug & My Dog

Oriental rug & my dog

why my dog Pee-Pee on my rug?

Age: 4 years
Sex: Male
Weight: 15 pounds
Breed: Mutt

Behavior or a Spike?

Morning 20 minute waking in the Neighborhood: come home, run to the Dining room, and pee on the rug.  The same story afternoon. The same story evening. The same story at night.

Removing the oriental rug from the dining room & the dog stop pee-pee in the Dining room, & move to the bedroom on the smaller carpet. 

Wintertime in Washington state.

Cold! and the rug most cover the floor. And the dog keeps doing his business outside and sometimes inside. Asking the vet if it is a health problem, answer:  The dog is fine.” We replaced the Karastan Rug four times, the Asian rug dealer known as by the first name.

We love the dog; he is funny and fun to be with him at home, especially when my wife is home all day.

Cleaning the Pee-Pee stains

Silk rug color run

cleaning a silk rug in home

The salesman in the pet store near us knows me and helped us get the best products to remove from our Karastan rug’s the urine stains and the odor. 

However, the Urine odor becomes more substantial, and the stains drive my wife crazy!

Removing the urine odor 

The urine odor became walming strong in the dining room, so we sent the rug to be cleaned by a professional rug cleaner; in Washington, upon receiving the carpet, we complained that the carpet still smelled from pee-pee odor. After the rug returned to us, the rug Specialist said, “ we did our best, and the urine odor is Permanent.” and the carpet Went to the dumpster.

 In 4 years, we bought three Karastan rug size 10 x 14.

Finding a rug is a task! The color of the nape and the size can tack month, driving from store to store looking until my wife said Yes, this is the one!.

Until we found the PetPeePee® Oriental rug cleaning in Florida,

The urine odor gat removed entirely from the rug. Posted on Google PetPeePee Reviews.

Diane Bishop

2 reviews

2 weeks ago NEW

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

I discovered petpee.com when I was searching online for ways to remove the urine odor from our 10’ x 14’ Karastan wool oriental rug.  I had planned to clean the rug myself, but I was intrigued by the videos I saw on YouTube of petpee.com’s owner, Meir Martin, demonstrating how he cleans rugs like mine.  I searched for petpee.com reviews and was blown away by the number of glowing reviews that had been written by satisfied customers.  I knew then and there that I wanted to turn my rug over rug to Mr. Martin to finally get rid of the urine odor that had been building up for over 10 years.  I called him and got a quote of $1079, which included shipping both ways, cleaning the rug, and a guarantee that I would not be able to detect any urine odor when my rug was returned to me.  After getting over the sticker shock, my husband gave me the green light to send the rug to petpeepee.com.  I think he was more interested in getting rid of my constant complaints about the urine odor than the actual odor itself!


Mr. Martin walked us through how to pack up our rug for shipping via UPS, having us send him pictures to make sure we had prepared it properly.  Even though we followed his instructions, I received an email from UPS 5 days later that my rug had been lost.  I was regretting my decision to send my rug off for cleaning UNTIL Mr. Martin worked his magic!  I’m only the second customer in all the years petpeepee.com has been in business to have her oriental rug go missing, but that was to my benefit because Mr. Meir knew exactly who to call (in Utah, of all places!) to track down my rug.  Mr. Martin called his contact at UPS every day to check on whether my rug had been found and kept me posted each day for a week.  On the seventh day after UPS reported my rug had been lost, Mr. Martin called me with the happy news that my rug had been found!!! Apparently, some of the tape I had used to secure the label to the package was not completely flat and caused the label and bag to tear.


Mr. Martin received my rug via Next Day Air from UPS on August 23 and began the cleaning process the next day.  I loved receiving videos and pictures of the rug being cleaned and getting updates from Mr. Martin throughout the process. (You can see my rug being cleaned on YouTube by searching “Removing urine odor from a supersize Karastan rug.”).  We received the rug back on September 2, and it smelled as fresh as it did the day we bought it!  It looked so clean and new – worth every penny we paid to have petpeepee.com clean it.


I really need more than five stars for my recommendation of petpeepee.com and Meir Martin.  He is a true professional and the best communicator of any service provider I’ve ever encountered.  I will be sending him more rugs soon!  When I do, I will be VERY careful about packaging them, including using a HEAVY DUTY bag and taping multiple labels on the inside and outside of the package, and making sure EVERYTHING on the outside is smooth and flat.  If you want your rug to be free of urine odor, send it to petpeepee.com with every confidence that it will come back as good and fresh as new!

Services: Remove pet stains & odors, Clean carpet


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