Draperies cleaning from dog cat urine odor

Draperies cleaning from dog cat urine odor by the PetPeePee company worldwide service, using DHL for pick up and delivery.

The jewel off the living room is the custom-made draperies, the draperies bringing the warm environment into the living room, inviting the sun into the

Draperies & antique Persian rug dog urine odor

Draperies, furniture, antique Oriental rug

living room by opening the draperies, closing the draperies bring us the feeling of security and privacy.

Most of the houses today around the world sharing the house with our best friend dog or cat; however, sometimes or they communicate with a strange cat behind the sliding door by spraying the draperies, or the dog lifts his leg to show us that he’s mad that’s we left him alone in the house.

Custom-made draperies made with a high-quality material/fiber such as silk, linen, velvet, cotton, sisal, and many more, most of the high-quality drapery decorated with copper wire, painting, crochet, and is how to remove the urine odor and the stains completely?

My name is Meir Martin, and I’m the owner and the inventor of the PetPeePee company. Since 2002 the only service we provide is draperies and Oriental rug area carpet cleaning from dog and cats urine odor. We gain the experience by serving only pet owners; we can answer pet owners on how the result will be upon delivery.

The PetPeePee guarantee:

Any draperies we guarantee in writing total urine odor removal PetPeePee statement. However, we cannot be guaranteed the removal of the stains, and we will make all the effort to remove yellow-brown orangey stains from the custom-made draperies.

Custom-made silk draperies before and after

Drapery made of silk urine odor removal service by PetPeePee company worldwide service.

Why it’s so difficult to remove stains?

1. Mrs. Peterson discovers that the hair cat sprays the draperies in the last 24 hours; immediately, she searches on Google and calls me at 9:00 PM. Mrs. Peterson says to me, and I’m sorry I’m calling late. Can you help me? She described the problem text me the pictures of the custom-made draperies made of silk with a cat peepee stain, and I provide Mrs. Peterson all the instructions on how to ship the drapery the right way. Mrs. Peterson never uses any cleaning product on the stain to eradicate the odor and the stains. The result is 100% urine odor removal and stains.

2. The lady from Mississippi called me after text me the pictures of the custom-made cotton draperies. The lady from Mississippi explains that she doesn’t know how long the cats urinated in the dining room because nobody visits the dining room.
She asked me can I remove the odor and the stains? And my answer was I would do my best for the stains; the odor will come off completely guarantee.
Why the stains it’s so difficult to be removed? Drapery is supposed to block the sun. The light from the sun (UV) the bacteria growing in Heavy cotton fiber will lead to brown stains; these stains would become permanent if they are not cleaned immediately.

Custom-made silk draperies before and after

Cleaning drapery before and after


The result upon delivery: cat urine odor completely removed, very light stains on the draperies.

Get the best result: Draperies cleaning from dog cat urine odor.

After discovering the urine stain on your drapery, contact PetPeePee immediately; our experience of cleaning drapery from dog and cats urine odor reward us on Google Facebook and Yap for a five-star review all the way.

PetPeePee a cleaning process that’s makes sense, and it shows!





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