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PetPeePee receives a five-star review all the way; how do we do that?

From the first moment the customer contacts the PetPeePee company, we provide an honest answer even if the customer expects a different answer.

Mrs. Erica from Miami Beach text me the picture of her wool rug the yellow stain that suddenly appears after her dog urinated on the wool rug; she tried to clean it by using the cleaning product ” Resolved” suddenly the stain become yellow she was panic and went to Dr. Google for searching how to remove dog peepee from the wool rug.

Mrs. Erica finds the PetPeePee company, so several videos read the review on Google and decide to contact PetPeePee company.

The customer texted me the pictures of the yellow stain and called me; I explained to Mrs. Erica that I could not guarantee the removal of the stain due to the combination of peepee and the cleaning product containing a strong detergent Plus enzyme.

Yellow stain on Wool rug

Cleaning yellow stain from Wool carpet

We can remove some percentage of the yellow stain; however, we never gave the customer result that we cannot accomplish.

I sent the video to Erica, “what I promise I deliver,” Convince Mrs. Erica to deliver the Oriental rug for cleaning. The result may surprise my customers, and this is how I got the five-star reviews on Google.

Mrs. Tamara from Texas owns a 4 x 5 prey rug made of silk constructed in Iran.
Mrs. Tamara realizes that her dogs are using this beautiful silk rug as a peepee pad. She to the rug to several Oriental rug cleaners in Dallas, Texas, and asks them if they can remove the urine odor?
Some of them said yes. However, the color will run. Again, she went on Dr. Google and searched how to clean the Persian rug from dog urine odor? And here is PetPeePee in Texas; explain how we clean Persian carpet/rug and guarantee color will never run and 100% urine odor removal naturally.

Would you please read the review of Mrs. Tamara on PetPeePee Google review?

10 months ago

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness

professional oriental rug cleaning

ESTATE SALE PERSIAN RUG Cleaning the natural dye, removing the urine odor and the color remains tack.

Pet Pee Pee’s revolutionary cleaning technique saved my beautiful rug. My wool antique oriental rug was completely saturated with urine odor. Every professional rug cleaner said they could clean the rug, but the vegetable dyes would run, and the white areas would be “a little pink.”

Martin at PetPeePee sent my rug back to me odor-free, with the colors intact, brighter, and more vibrant than ever. He provided excellent service, answered every question, made shipping effortless, stayed in touch through the process, and even provided history I did not know about the rug. I could not be happier with the results!

PetPeePee a cleaning process that makes sense, and he Show.


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