What makes a house a Sweet home?

Hello, everyone! It’s lovely to feature this blog and tell the story of Mrs. Felicia from Tampa, Florida.

What makes a house a Sweet home?

What makes a house a Sweet home

Leaving room decorated with a high-quality area rug

My name is Meir Martin. I’m the owner of the PetPeePee company. My invention is  A natural cleaner from the Dead Sea and a Vacuum floor machine, “The XpetPee Machine,” that design to clean and remove pet urine odor from Oriental carpet and Custome Drapery.

Allow me to explain what it means: Area carpet, Oriental rug, antique Persian carpet, or custom-made draperies.

The art on the floor this we named an area rug design to turn a HOUSE TO A SWEET HOME!

Mrs. Felicia From Tampa sent me pictures of her living room with a beautiful large area rug with the Fresh yellow stain caused by her dog.

The conversation revealed to me then this area carpet is special to Mrs. Felicia and her husband.

There is only one Handmade Area rug globally; it is challenging to find similar pattern color and size because it’s handmade.

Mrs. Felicia says it takes me a long time to find this rug that I like my home decor, turn my HOME TO A SWEET HOME.

Mrs. Felicia searched for a service that can clean the Oriental rug naturally with no chemicals and a process that cleans the Oriental rug gently, no scrubber or carpet cleaner equipment on her delicate area carpet.

High quality area rug yellow stain

Dog pee stain on a high-quality area rug

After the instruction on how to fold the Oriental rug, the right way UPS picked up the package on Monday and delivered it to my warehouse on Tuesday. The Area rug is placed on the vacuum floor, and the magic starts.

The Natural Dead Sea Cleaner flood the Rug on the top gently, the extraction from under the carpet vacuumed all the cleaner through the fiber, wash all the germs, bacteria, cleaning products the customer used, dirt, and soil to the bottom all the floor, leave the rug free from all the enzymes detergent soap deodorizer that makes the fiber sticky.

PetPeePee company cleaned the most antique or contemporary high-quality rugs from dirt, soil, and urine odor.

Brought the shine back to the fibers, to the colors, and delivered 5-star reviews on Google?

The secret cleaner from the Dead Sea and the XpetPee Machine eliminates the need to use all the carpet cleaning equipment.

The Main Question in this blog “?

Cleaning the Oriental carpet the right way,

PetPeePee is a cleaning process that makes sense, and it shows.

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