Wet Dog Smells in a Wool Rug/Carpet

Publish by: Mr. Meir Martin, the owner of the PetPeePee Company. August.04.2021

Does a customer ask why My wool rug starts to smell like a wet dog?

Pet owners who have a big dog such as basset hound, pitbull, boxer, Labrador, Graydon, Doberman, German Shepherd; end the list go on and on, will discover his wool/Silk rug start smelling like a wet dog why?

A big dog usually never accidentally (Pee-Pee) on the rug; they like to lay, chew the Bone, lick the private area, scratch their back, and play on the carpet. It’s comfortable for our’s dogs. We like it, and the price for their performance we have to clean the wool/Silk carpet every 3 to 5 years from the skin oil that sticks into the rug fibers.

How to Prevent the Wet Dog Smell?

It’s not much you can do. All the cleaning products in the market contain soap (Enzyme); spraying or cleaning with the Enzyme will lead to more soap spread all over the rug; the Dog laid on it and carried it to a different area on the wool/silk rug.

The Vinegar will break down the oil and refresh the rug naturally.

Cleaning the Carpet by A Professional Oriental rug cleaner.

So it comes to the point.

  1. Clean the rug and Kipping it depending on the cleaning cost.

A.if the carpet is not on the Oriental rug, the cleaning price may exide the price of a new one.

  1. The high-end wool/Silk rug must be clean and go back on the floor.

You should know: The rug goes to the rug cleaner is the Odor, not the cleaning.

  1. Ask the professional rug cleaner: “ Do you Guarantee in writing Odor removal completely without masking the rug using deodorizer or a chemical smell that will be bonded with the wet Dog smells.

Price is essential for every job, but if the price is right and the results upon delivery will disappoint you, the price was too high for this service. Mr. Meir Martin.

How PetPeePee Remove the Wet Dog smells.

The Urine odor or the wet dog smell is On Bacteria that live on the oil. Saliva and the pee-pee deep in the wool rug.

Where is the bacteria’s location? Deep in the foundation of the Silk/Wool-Cotton rug.

We at PetPeePee develop and build the XpetPee machine that washes the rug from top to bottom. This cleaning mated is unique to the PetPeePee company.

The Natural Dead Sea cleaner is essential to this cleaning process! The Dead Sea cleaner’s movement from top to bottom through the rug’s fiber/ foundation will wash the Bacteria and remove it without depositing any artificial odor into the Oriental rug/Carpet.

The PetPeePee is a Cleaning process that makes sense.

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