Visiting an Eye Dr when the problem is Hemorrhoid is Compared to Asking a Carpet Cleaner to Clean the foul Odor from the Oriental rug! 

Publish 10.28.2021 by Mr. Meir Martin the, Owner of The PetPeePee company worldwide service.

Thanksgiving Dinner.

Persian carpet under Table

Dining room Medallion Persian rug wool on cotton.

On Oriental rug that is under the Dining room table will drive every lady crazy before Thanksgiving, knowing the gusts will smell the foul Odor coming from under their feet.

Is a carpet cleaning process plus the Deodorize will make the lady fills Comfortable in Thanksgiving dinner???

The Lady from Michigan calls PetPeePee Office in Florida. She describes over the phone that her Super-size wool carpet gat soil by her dogs. She turned to a local carpet cleaner that shampooed the Oriental carpet and charged her for an extra Deodorizer. The results: the rug moved to the garage smells horrible from urine odor and Deodorizer.

Is the Urine odor or Foul smells should be Clean/treated like removal of dirt?

Mr.Meir Martin, the owner of the PetPeePee, answer.

  1. The stigma in the Carpet cleaning world is that we must treat every Foul Odor, Dirt, and Soil with Soap, Deodorizer, and Scrubber, which is wrong!
  2. Restaurant Carpet needs a Scrubber and strong Enzymes/Detergent to lift the grees out. 
  3. The foul Odor is caused by bacteria deep inside the rug foundation, and it must treat it differently from the restaurant carpet shampoo.  

Why does it smell so bad?

  1. The Bacteria that generate the foul Odor find the Free-Rent home in the Rug foundation.

    Oriental rug & my dog

    Why my dog Pee-Pee on my rug?

To grow the colony, it needs food, all types of food, and a lot of food. The bacteria are fast learning how to digest any food source from high PH to a normal PH. Since all the Enzymes and the Deodorizer are High PH and oily, the oil from the Soap will become excellent food to grow the bacteria colony bigger, releasing more foul Odor into the air.

  1.  Carpet cleaner using a scrubber, steam/Dry cleaning: washing the Area rug from left to right on the top using Enzymes (Enzyme is a fancy word for Soap); the Scrubber generates a ton of sud that sinks into the rug foundation. The foul crystals feed on the oil from the Soap, and the foul Odor will start driving the lady from Michigan crazy.

The Way Bacteria  Survive.

Since No One likes to be evicted from his house, the bacteria will fight hard to stay in the Free-Rent home, So if One cell remains after the rug is shampooed, it will start a new colony soon lay the clean Area carpet back on the floor.

Foul Odor is not visible to the eyes.

For this reason, Odor must remove Differents than Dirt or soil!.

The only way to visualize urine odor is Through the PetPeePee® Tube. Watch the Video.

The PetPeePee® Foul Odor removal.

After you have tray all the cleaning processes in your backyard and even the professional rug cleaner cannot remove the FOUL Odor Entirely from your Antique, newer Oriental Carpet/rug, please Look at the different way.

Odor-free cleaner from the Dead Sea and the XpetPee machine is the new way to remove the Sources of the fuel odor and back by Never Deodorizer upon delivery and 100% Odor Removal Guarantee. 

The PetPeePee® process removes the foul Odor without the Deodorizer, Enzymes, or the Scrubber; This is how PetPeePee® cleans and removes the dirt Odor and protects the silk/Wool rug during the wet cleaning process.

How PetPeePee attacking the FOUL Odor?

Nature tack its curse and XpetPee machine Help.

Using a Natural cleaner from the Dead sea and building the XpetPee machine.

Washing the Carpet, Oriental rug, or Asian Antique TapestryTHROUGH” is the right way to drive the Bacteria Crystals out from the rug foundation.

Scrubbing the rug on the top is like driving near the Hemorrhoid DR office and say “ I visit the DR.


“THROUGH” is the way to lift Out the Bacteria Crystals.

Repidetlay is passing the Dead sea cleaner THROUGH the rug foundation where the bacteria live Rent-Free. The movement of the cleanser from left to right and down “THROUGH” the rug foundation plus the vibration will wash the crystals out of the Asian silk wool carpet straight to the sewage.

And more, the residue of the Natural Dead Sea cleaner will stay on guard in the fiber foundation and will be a barrier in the fiber from any new growing bacteria to the same extend. 

Reviews On PetPeePee® Google 

The five-Star Reviews on PetPeePee® Google are keeping as standing strong.


PetPeePee® is a cleaning process that makes sense.




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