Persian carpet under Table

Dining room Madelina Persian rug wool on cotton.

Pet Peed ON Dining Room Asian Rug / Area carpet

Why my Dog/Cat peed in the Dining room rug near the window?

My name is Meir Martin, the owner of the PetPeePee® company since 1992; the only service we provide nationwide is Urine odor removal from Rugs and Drapery.

The experience that PetPeePee (short name PPP) gained during the years will revile in the Blog the service PPP provides and the videos posted on YouTube.

The Dining room is the only area that is abundant most of the year. Make the room, especially near the window, a private place for our pets to hide and do their business.

In most cases, we will note only before Thanksgiving or birthday diner.

dog using the dining room rug

I need PetPeePee urine odor removal service

Cleaning the pet accident 

Caring for the pet accident in the dining room must be done the right way, or the odor will drive your wife crazy.

Area rug on Wood Floor

Urine odor left untouched for several months will leave dark stains on the wood floor. If the Area rug is inexpensive, it will be wise to replace the carpet and take care of the wood floor by replacing the wood contaminated by the urine.

It will be wise to contact Meir Martin, the owner of PetPeePee company if the Oriental rug smells from urine odor and the stains shows. 

Texting the pictures of the Oriental carpet to 954.594.2564 Meir Martin will evaluate the situation, and the customer will receive the most acceptable and honest opinion, Guarantee.

Do You Know

An Oriental rug that smells from urine odor can’t be clean in a home!!! Customers that clean a High-quality Persian carpet in their home (driveway) end by dumping the carpet into the dumpster.

Cleaning an Oriental rug in a home will face several milestones:

Don't clean Oriental rug at HOME

Don’t clean carpet in the house; Color run in the Oriental rug

  1. Removing the urine odor from the carpet’s foundation, an area that you can’t touch.
  2. Drying a 9×12 Wool Oriental rug colored by vegetable dye: by scrubbing and brushing the carpet, moving it from side to side when it’s wat the Color will run Guarantee.
  3. Drying the rug flat on the floor to avoid the color run is a must!

Are you still interested in cleaning the rug yourself???

The PetPeePee® name describes the business we do in one word.

Building and inventing a new Concept and the machine (XpetPee)  to remove the urine odor from an Asian carpet colored by Vegetable dye and guarantee color will never bleed and remove the urine odor without masking the rug with Deodorizer.

The XpetPee Machine and the Dead Sea cleaner is the 21-century system that cleans and removes the FOUL odor from a high-quality Asian rug: The Reviews on Google PetPeePee prove it. 


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