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Ask the Right Question Received the Right Service PetPeePee®

After discovering that your Oriental rug has become the background for your dog/cat, you have already tried all the cleaning processes in the market: from do-it-yourself cleaning products to a professional carpet cleaner.

Do you know what kind of question you should ask the professional carpet cleaner to get you the result that you dream about: total urine odor removal permanently and naturally? My name is Meir Martin. I’m the owner of PetPeePee, the only service we have provided since 1992 is Oriental rug and drapery cleaning from urine odor. Because this is the superior service we provide, we are experts in the odor removal industry.

My customers’ first question is: (how much do you charge to clean my Oriental rug?) My answer is: should you ask first if I guarantee urine odor removal, and then ask for the price! Let me guide you to the right question.


1. Because your Oriental rug has a urine odor, your first question should be to the carpet cleaner: do you guarantee the total removal of urine odor.

2. Because you already tested all the other cleaning products such as enzyme and deodorized, your second query should be: are you using enzyme or deodorize to clean the Oriental rug? If the answer is yes, you know from your experience that’s enzymes, and deodorizing will leave an unpleasant smell that’s masked the urine odor. You should avoid using any service that uses enzymes or deodorize.

3. If you own an expensive, handmade Oriental rug, you know it must be cleaned by hand alone; avoid the carpet cleaner if they use a scrubber, dust buster, or any carpet cleaning equipment. All those machines designed to clean a floor mat in affront of Home Depot, not a handmade Oriental rug, the damage that’s scrubber can cause to the Oriental rug can be irreversible.

4. Like any other service, look at their reviews and ask them if they possessed the video to see how they clean the rug; this will guide you in this exemplary cleaning service.

5. Above all, the reason you clean the Oriental rug is the removal of the urine odor; ask the professional, “do you guarantee in writing the total urine odor removal without using Enzyme or Deodorizer? The answer will reveal the results.

An Oriental rug is a piece of art that should be last for generations to come, don’t let the carpet cleaner clean your Oriental rug the same way he cleans a restaurant floor. PetPeePee Oriental rug urine odor removal company, the only service we provide nationwide is Oriental rug and Drapery Cleaning from urine odor.

PetPeePee has more than 100 reviews on Google; all five-star prove that PetPeePee service it’s what customers are searching for.

PetPeePee a cleaning process that’s makes sense.

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