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Publish April 16, 2021, by Meir Martin, the owner of the PetPeePee company.

When the time comes, and you ask yourself, is it worth cleaning my vintage antique Oriental rug?

Mrs. Simon from Georgia ask me: I have 120 years old Oriental rug that belongs to my grandma; I grew up on this rug, and I love it dearly; it is worn in few places; should I clean it or throw it away? I answer Mrs. Simon, your grandma would be very upset? She replied, yes, you write.

Vintage Oriental carpet is a piece of art that contains tons of memories that a contemporary rug cannot replace.

An Oriental rug should pass to generations to come, and this art on the floor will keep the memory for generations to come.

And your area rug from Cosco or Home Depot will last for a short period of time, and it will find itself in the dumpster in a couple of years.

Then the rug that you buy today in the department store is made with glue and low-quality material.

Any stain such as urine odor or Food spill will end the life of this area rug immediately.

On the other hand, the Oriental rug will last for generations, and you must keep it as a treasure in your house.

PetPeePee company develops a cleaning process specially designed to clean those antique Oriental rugs the right way, remove all the urine odor, protect the color and fiber from color-run and fuzziness.

PetPeePee a cleaning process that’s makes sense.

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