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1860 Kermanshah

PetPeePee company clean 1860 Kermanshah from urine odor

Dr. A from Nashville, Tennessee, Sent me an Antique rug from 1860 that he purchased in an auction. The Antique Oriental rug was smelling of urine

ends must be cleaned professionally. Visiting two Oriental rug cleaners in Nashville to clean the antique rug Convince Dr.A has to look for a service specializing in urine odor removal. It can clean the rug Different the standard cleaning service.                                                                                                                                              


The PetPeePee®

The Beauty of the Antique Oriental rug is the design, color, and Shine of the fiber. Clean it naturally, and it will last for generations to come!. Thair for we at PetPeePee company build the XpetPee machine and the Natural cleaner from the Dead Sea that kills the urine crystals or the bacteria that found the rug foundation as a free rent house.

The XpetPee Machine

Flooding the Antique Persian carpet on the top gently, and vacuum from under the rug foundation. The moment of the cleaner THROUGH the fiber will

Persian carpet under Table

Dining room Madelina Persian rug wool on cotton.

wash the rug and remove all the bacteria resting in the rug foundation.


The Secret Cleaner from the Dead Sea.

Odor-Free Soap & Enzyme free is the Recipe to receive a five-star review on Google. Delivering an Oriental rug free of Urine odor and other deodorizer smells is one of the elements to Cheer the customer; shine rug without fiber distraction and soft-touch fiber free from the Enzymes and the soapy cleaner. The Dead Sea is Natural and free from all the Alkaline oily cleaner. 

The Reviews on Google.

PetPeePee worldwide service rug cleaning

PetPeePee® Oriental rug Drapery cleaning from urine odor

Google is the only platform the reviews are Authentic end real.

When searching for a service you desire, only the best reviews will make the business stand above the rest. On Educated consumer is PetPeePee® best customer! See the video.

PetPeePee® The written Guarantee.

A 100% Urine Odor Removal. Never color Run/Bleed. Never Fussiness of the fibers. Never residue of Soap, detergent, Enzyme, or Deodorizer left in the rug.

Keeping the promise: Soft fiber, Shine rug, and Free From All the Chemicals & Odor:

PetPeePee® A Cleaning Process That Makes Sense.

Review posted on PetPeePee Google reviews.

Gary Fritz

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5 days agoNEW

Positive: Quality, Responsiveness, Value

The runner has never looked this good in the 11 years I have owned it.  Smelled so badly prior to treatment that I could not keep it in the house.  Since receiving back cleaned, it is on proud display again in my home.  Can’t recommend this service highly enough.  Mr Martin made a 8 min video of the cleaning process to let me know how he treated and brought this runner back to life.  Mr Martin was in constant communication with me from my initial call, all the way through me receiving my runner back at my home.  Not pushy, just timely.  You can tell when someone loves what they do…Mr. Martin clearly loves what he does…and he does it very very well.

Services: Clean area rugs, Remove pet stains & odors

Video posted on YouTube


Who in this world can deliver a service like this?

Only Mr. Meir Martin, the owner of the PetPeePee company.

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