Is An Oriental Rug Considered As A Carpet?

Yes and No

If you visit YouTube and type Oriental rug cleaning from urine odor Or Typing Restaurant carpet cleaning, you will find the cleaning process is almost the same. Scrubbing the restaurant carpet using the Scrubber machine. And Scrubbing the oriental rug with the same Machine too: is this is the right way to clean on Oriental rug???.

Scrubber as a cleaning Machine.

Wool oriental rug must be clean respactelly not like restaurant floor

A wool antique oriental rug is most clean, respectably never a Scrubber.

Scrubber weight from 100lb to 175lb. Rotate and release the cleaning agent (Enzyme, Soap) on the carpet, the spinning on a wall to wall carpet will brack/separate the soil, and the grees from the acrylic/nylon fibers make it easy to vacuum out all the grees and dirt from the surfaces of the wall to wall carpet.

 What is Enzyme cleaner?

The enzyme is a fancy word for Detergent/Soap. To find what the Enzyme bottle contains: shack the bottle open the cap, and squeeze Fume will show the bottle contains. 

Shampoo your hair.

It is not a secret that we must rinse the Soap Out Completely after we shampoo our hair.

What will happen if we don’t rinse the sope out?. Our hair will start itching due to the soap residue that becomes food for the growing bacteria, and the hair will become sticky to the dust.

Shampoo the Carpet.

Yellow stain plastic carpet

Yellow stains on the plastic carpet this rug can clean with a Scrubber.

Ther is NO different from shampooing your hair or the restaurant floor or the Antique Oriental rug; wash out the soap Complitelly; IF NOT: it will attract the dirt faster, and the carpet will look dole.

Wall-to-wall Carpet VS Oriental rug.

If the wall-to-wall carpet was cleaned and residue of Enzymes (soap) left in the rug foundation, it may not be ok, but the synthetic carpet is designed to stand the Soap residue. However, Cleaning on a Wool/Silk Asian/Asian rug can be death row for the heirloom rug.

Don’t Shampoo the Oriental rug if you can’t wash all the soap out!!!

Are you wonder how A Persian-Turkish rug looks so bright and vivid in the dealer store?

The secret is the natural dye. After dyeing the wool using Vegetable coloring, the wool fiber got left in a strong Viniger for several hours. The vinegar will close the holes in the wool fiber, lock the dye inside the wool yarn.

Vinegar is the oldest cleaner in the world: it is Natural, and it will be evaporated after killing the Bacteria and breaking down the dirt from the surfaces.

So why are we not using Viniger as the primary cleaner? Advertising!

Everyone knows Orange juice is better than Coca-cola!

So why when we are asking our kid what do you like to drink? Coca or Orange Juice: 90% will answer cola. Blamed The Advertising!!!.

Visiting Costco ( My favorite Store) 30 feet of soapy cleaning products on the Shelf, camper to one pallet of vinegar bottles.

Cleaning on Oriental rug.

Cleaning on Oriental rug using vinegar will not remove the dirt, soil, or the Pet Pee-Pee Odor. 

Cleaning on Oriental rug that smelled from urine odor requires a system machine that washes the Oriental rug horizontally.

An Oriental rug colored using a Natural color (Vegetable dye) requires special care and a strong cleaner that will lift out the urine crystal and Kipp the color tack to the yarn.

The PetPeePee® Company.

Building the XpetPee Machine and designing the Natural cleaner from the Dead Sea make the PetPeePee® company essential for Asian rug owners and pets lovers worldwide.

An Oriental rug How The PetPeePee® Care for it!

Never a Scrubber. Never a Squeezy, Never an Enzyme, Never a Dustbuster, Submerging bath, Steam cleaner, Dry cleaner, Never chemicals such as Enzymes or Deodorizer.

So how does PetPeePee® Systems Get the Oriental rug Clean???

The Movement of the Dead Sea cleaner from the top THROUGH the yarn out from the bottom.

 The extraction and the vibration of the cleaner inside the rug fibers separated the bacteria and the cleaning products customer used for easy washout by the suction. 

The PetPeePee® A Cleaning Process That Makes Sense.

Google PetPeePee Reviews…8.4733107j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8


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