Cat urine odor on area rug

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How to remove the urine stains from on area rug


How to remove the urine stains from on area rug | by PetPeePee company nationwide service.

By Meir Martin, the owner of the PetPeePee company
April 17, 2021

Having a cat or a dog, especially when kids are running around, brings many joys, but sometimes we have problems With our pets.

Here is some advice on what to do when a pet accident occurs on your: area rug, silk carpet, Persian antique rug, or a vintage silk Oriental rug.

1. Whatever it’s happens on your carpet, area rug, antique Oriental rug, never scribing back and forth to remove the stain.

2.Absorb first with a towel: one towel under the area rug in one towel above the area rug, step on a towel and absorb the maximum you could.

3.Apply 1 to 1 ratio: cold freezing water with white vinegar on the stain, apply dry towel on the top and step on it.

4.Repeat this process several times.

5.Shop-vac (wet dry vacuum) would do an excellent job by vacuuming the rug in one direction with shiny fiber.

6.Question or direction related to pet accident on high-quality Oriental rug text us 954-594-2564

Be aware all of the cleaning products sold in the market that’s the promise you stain and urine odor removal may do the job; however, the enzyme (detergent) will lead to an unpleasant smell, and stain that’s disappear will resurface bigger and darker.

Avoid using all of those cleaning products; please watch the video.

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