How to Prevent/Remove Pet Stains on Oriental Rugs

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Yellow stain on Moroccan Oriental carpet

Cleaning product + dog peepee = yellow stains on a wool rug.

Pats had an accident such as vomit, diarrhea, Urinated or blood on your Oriental rug and it’s happened a front of your eyes, here is the tip on how to remove it and avoid any stains.

Clean it right away, and you may save the Oriental rug from stains.

1. Apply towel under the Oriental rug so all the excess moisture will absorb into the towel
2. Vacuum Using the shop-vac with the nap all the heavy chunks of the pet accident, do it one way with the nap.
3. Repeat by applying cold freezing water to the stain.
4. Do not scrub! Do not use a brush, and do not use any cleaning product such as pet removal shampoo.

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5. All does cleaning products that are contain, enzymes, deodorizer, shampoo, detergent, will lead to a brown stain that will become permanent stains.
6. After vacuuming all the pet accidents repeat the process to the back of the rug Using the shop vac.

Color run on Persian rug

Dog peepee+ hot water= color run.

7. After removing all of the pet accident, apply white vinegar to neutralize any protein in the pet accident it’s may remain in the Oriental rug fiber.

8.You are welcome to call during the business our 954-594-2564 text us the pictures of the Oriental rug and the stain we and we are glad to guide you the right way.

Cleaning and removing old pet accident such as vomit, diarrhea, or blood

Repeat section 1 however most likely you will, and with a brown-reddish stain, these stains may become permanent.

Do not scrub in any condition, do your best, and you welcome to call us 954-594-2564 during a business our

Urine stains.

The most common accident, especially by a small dog.

Wool rug orange stains

Wool rug wrong cleaning product on the urine stain

Some Oriental rug will resist the stains; however, the urine odor will become noticeable after the dog has been urinated many times.

I believe all the advice on how to clean pet accident would be good for my most pet owner due to the cleaning product sold in a pet store that promises an unrealistic result.

So what to do?

From my experience of every day dealing with one problem dog and cats urine odor on high-quality Oriental rug.

Everyone that called PetPeePee company already used all types of cleaning products, including vinegar, and after the stain and odor become bigger and darker, they called PetPeePee company for advice.

My answer to most of my customers is to send me a picture of the Oriental rug with the stain, and I will let you know what Can be done.

Yellow stain area rug

Yellow stains on wool Oriental rug caused by a big dog


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