How should the Wool/Silk Area rug be clean Professionally from urine odor?

Posted by Meir martin, the owner of the PetPeePee company Nationwide service.

June 12, 2021

The Question: How Wool, Silk Area rug,  Should professionally be Clean from the Urine Odor without deodorizer coverup?

Answer: The Odor Free “Dead Sea Cleaner” & the XpetPee Machine.

The PetPeePee company invented the “THROUGH” Cleaning process.


Imagin, an Area rug, laid on the XpetPee vacuum floor, the Odor-free natural Dead Sea cleaner flood the wool rug on the top, the extraction vacuumed from under the Area carpet all the Dead Sea cleaner THROUGH the wool, cotton rug foundation, pulling out the dust, the Enzyme, and the urine crystals, the wool rug will be urine odor-free Guarantee.

The PetPeePee system.

Every pet owner knows urine odor is the most difficult stains to remove, especially when it happened on the Fine light color Area rug. Every pet owner will have on hand closeby some cleaning products if an accident will happen. Most of the cleaning products on the market contain “Enzymes.” Do you know what it is Enzyme and what is in the bottle.?

What is the Enzyme?

The enzyme is a cleaner that design to eat protein (urine crystals are protein). It sounds good. In reality, the enzyme contains many more chemicals and Soap.

Everyone knows after shampooing the hair, washing the shampoo is a must.

Let review: the dog pee-pee on the Area rug, the Enzyme (SOAP) cleaner apply to the Pee stains, the Soap will dive deep into the base of the Area rug whar is the Pee-Pee crystal set, two of them will bound together, the high PH (in the enzyme)evaporated, the oily soap will remain with the urine crystals for very long time.

The combination of  the Pee-Pee and the soap will Release the unpleasant odor, and we call it  “The PeePeeSoap.” Are you aiming for this odor?

So after you tried to clean and mask the urine odor using Enzymatic cleaner, Kandel’s, Febreze, deodorizer, baking soda, Viniger on the Area rug, it still smells from Pee-PeeSoap odor.

The PetPeePee company

The XpetPee machine builds from scratch to wash the wool/Silk Area rug THROUGH the fiber using the Dea Sea Cleaner (watch the video).

The Dead Sea minerals are the PetPeePee secret formula. The Dead Sea it’s not salt! An odor-free, acidic cleaner will never deposit soapy/stickiness or odor residue into the Rug.

The XpetPee machine exclusively designs to work with the Dead Sea cleaner.

PetPeePee Area rug cleaning from urine odor the Reviews

The Reviews that the PetPeePee company received prove the Area rug urine odor removal service Quality; here is the video and the review posted on PetPeePee Google Review.

3 weeks ago, NEW
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

YOU CAN TRUST MARTIN WITH YOUR EXPENSIVE RUGS ( or any rugs you love and need cleaned): We just had the most unbelievable, fantastic experience regarding having pet urine removed from our expensive oriental rug by Martin at Pet PeePee that we felt the need to post an exceptional review. Our chihuahua recently peed on our light-colored large oriental rug. We didn’t notice this until the urine had been there for a few weeks. We googled online to find someone in our city, Tampa, FL, who specializes in professionally cleaning urine from expensive rugs. While we weren’t able to find an orientalist rug cleaner specializing in removal of urine here, we came across Martin in Pompano Beach, FL at his company Pet Pee Pee who had so many fantastic reviews from people raving about his professionalism, transparency, and quality of work. I texted Martin a photo of the yellow problem areas on the rug, along with it’s size and within 15 minutes Martin sent me a price quote and instructions regarding shipping the rug to him. He was very Honest and made sure not to over promise his capability in regards to our specific urine spots. He explained what he could guarantee and and what he could not. We decided to give it a try and we are so thrilled that we did! The whole process was seamless and the coolest part is that Martin sends everyone a video of his/her rug being cleaned. We received our rug back yesterday and it looks so beautiful. The colors pop like when new and it smells and looks amazing. He did an even better job than we anticipated and we will definitely use him again if we want one if our rugs professionally cleaned. He is by far the best rug cleaner out there and you can trust him to work on any rugs, draperies etc, including expensive oriental rugs! Martins communication throughout the whole process is above-and-beyond and he’s a very nice man, one great to work with!

How PetPeePee company in Florida contacts a business Nationwide?

A customer from Washington/Texas/Tampa, Florida, or New Mexico text pictures of his 10×13 Area rug and ask for pricing.

After a short conversation via Phone, Mr.Meir Martin will Text the pricing a video “what I promise I deliver.” and a second video, “how to fold 11×14 oriental rug” the Text will include the price of cleaning and the shipping. After the customer receives the UPS label, PetPeePee company will arrange for UPS to pick up the box from the customer’s front door.

After UPS delivers the box to the PetPeePee warehouse in Florida, we will inform the customer. Pictures video of the cleaning process will post on YouTube; a link will notify the customer his Area rug got cleaned by watching the cleaning process. When the Area carpet is dry, the rug will be folded professionally and ship to the customer.

PetPeePee A serious Business for a serious problem.






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