Cleaning oriental rug using an odor free cleaner

Cleaning Oriental rug from dog and cat urine odor using the Dead Sea minerals service provide by PetPeePee company, the organic place.

To all of us that are sensitive to chemical smells and prefer organic cleaning, this Blog/ video is for you.

A color run is common in Persian red oriental and other decorative rugs made from natural wool fibers and vegetable dye.

The Pee Pee Odor By PetPeePee company.

Dog diarrhea on antique Oriental rug

Dog diarrhea on a wool antique rug

The PetPeePee company develops the ultimate machine and a Dead Sea cleaner to clean and remove urine odor/crystal from a high-quality Oriental rug/area carpet.

The combination of the XpetPee machine and the Dead Sea cleaner design to clean and remove the urine crystal from a Turkish, Pakistani, Persian, Indian, and Chinese Oriental rug/carpet.

The XpetPee machine eliminates the need to use carpet cleaner equipment such as scrubber, centrifuge machine, submerging bath, and toxic chemicals such as deodorizer and enzyme.

The natural odor-free cleaning product from the Dead Sea will leave your Oriental carpet free from any odor.

Our reviews on Google, Angie’s list, Yap, and Facebook prove that our cleaning process works to clean the most beautiful Oriental rug.

PetPeePee a cleaning process that’s makes sense.  

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PetPeePee company specializes in Cleaning and Removing the dog cat urine odor from Oriental rug or Drapery. Using the Natural Dead Sea Cleaner And the XpetPee machine, we provide a 100% guarantee in writing urine odor removal completely permanently without masking or using the deodorizer or enzyme.

Color run when cleaning urine stains on a Persian RUG.

Why does the color run?

After you cleaned the Oriental rug at home, the color bleed.

Mrs. Gloria from Maryland contact me regarding Oriental rug cleaning from a little Yorky.

Mrs. Gloria described the Oriental rug in her family’s possession for more than 40 years. Finally, the Yorky decided to mark his territory on the carpet, and Mrs. Gloria tried cleaning it by herself.

She complained that after she spent all weekend scrubbing and washing, the rug still smelled of urine.

The rug placed: (see the picture of how the color run).

Can the color-run be fixed?

Gloria’s question to PetPeePee company: Can it fix, restore the color to the original and remove the urine odor.

  1. The color run will become permanent.

The urine odor will obliterate. Guarantee.

  1. Why does the color run?
  2. In most cases, the urine from the dog did not make the color bleed! , the color run from the dark color (red, blue, black)

Dog peepee + hot water= color run.

To a lighter color (beige, yellow, light blue) due to the alkaline (Enzyme contain detergent) in the cleaning products customer uses, the scrubbing and the Alkaline will wash the fiber and transfer it to the lighter color.

  1. Why the rug colored with the vegetable day?
  2. The high-quality Oriental rug will be colored with vegetable dye. The natural dye will remain vivid and brighter for generations to come, unlike a synthetic dye that will lose the brighteners (shining) after cupel years; for example, the machine-made Karastan is colored tack, and it will not bleed.

How does the color run?

After scrubbing the rug using the Enzyme cleaner brash and worm water, the Red black Blue color release from the wool fiber, hanging the rug or drying the rug on the elevator floor, the color will run down to a lighter area the Oriental rug damaged.

Evan, a professional oriental rug cleaner, knows the risking of cleaning oriental rugs that color with a Vagtebal dye ( read the reviews posted on PetPeePee Google review)

Tamara Boykin Reviews

Tamara Boykin 5 reviews 10 months ago

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness

Pet Pee Pee’s revolutionary cleaning technique saved my beautiful rug. But, unfortunately, my wool antique oriental rug was completely saturated with urine odor. Every professional rug cleaner said they could clean the rug, but the vegetable dyes would run, and the white areas would be “a little pink.”

Martin at PetPeePee sent my rug back to me odor-free, with the colors intact, brighter, and more vibrant than ever. He provided excellent service, answered every question, made shipping effortless, stayed in touch through the process, and even provided history I did not know about the rug. I could not be happier with the results!

The PetPeePee Company

Registered the PetPeePee trademark in 2002. Meir Martin is the owner of the PetPeePee company and the inventor and builder of the XpetPee machine and the Natural cleaning process of the Dead Sea Cleaner for Oriental rug, wool rug, silk carpet, and Drapery.

The Dead Sea Odor-free Cleaner

Every carpet cleaner has its favorite cleaning products.

We at PetPeePee invented natural cleaning products from the Dead Sea ( my home, Israel). The Dead Sea cleaner has no odor or a sticky residue like Detergent, and due to its nature, it will kill the bacteria naturally due to the low PH balance.

The XpetPee Machine

The XpetPee machine is designed to clean and remove the urine odor from the high-quality Persian rug or a Contemporary woo/silk carpet from the urine odor or pet accidents.

The XpetPee machine cleaning the wool carpet by extracting the Cleaner through the fiber washing all the urine crystals out of the rug’s foundation.

The XpetPee technology allows us to write our guarantee: 100% guarantee urine odor removal from oriental carpet and Drapery.

The XpetPeePee eliminates the need to use the Scrubber, dest buster, Confidence machine, carpet cleaning equipment, and chemicals.

Mr. Meir Martin

My name is Meir Martin. I’m the owner of the PetPeePee company; at least once a week, I received the same question.

Meir Martin, I was a wildlife photographer.

The customer asked. (I washed the wool rug myself, realized the “color run) “can you fix it?

Color bleeding on the Oriental rug was likely to become permanent; this rug dried on the roof will become stiff as cardboard. It will still smell from urine odor, chemicals, and the bleeding color will become permanent beyond repair.

The only company that will take this rug to their position is the garbage company.

My advice to all pet lovers don’t try cleaning Oriental rugs at home!.

Would you please watch the video on how we clean Oriental rugs?

Meir Martin, the owner of the PetPeePee company.


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