How to care for Oriental rug?

 Know your Oriental rug

Today the market flooded with many types of area rugs, such as: latex rug, Olefin, handmade Oriental rug, machined made Oriental rug, and many more. Know how to care for your Oriental rug, it will save you, money and avoid aggravation.

  1. Non-expensive Latex wool area rug, construct with canvas that glue as a backing.
  2. Machine made Olefin area rug, it’s constructed from recycled plastic bottle.
  3. Karastan wool machine made, Oriental rug.
  4. Handmade, antique/new Oriental rug.

How to care for Oriental rug, Latex  rug, after your dog or your cat urinated on it. PetPeePee service provides answers.

How to care, remove and clean urine stained from your Area rug/Oriental rug?

  1. Latex area rug made of, a plastic screen that’s the wool waved to the screen holes, to hold the fleece to the screen, the spinal column of the rug cover with canvas material that glue by latex
    (Rubber glue. In most cases after the pet had an accident on the rug, stain will show, and the cleaning product can bleed the color easily, the color run would be permanent, therefore this rug is not expensive, see the next blog “how to take care latex rug”. Please see what latex rug can do to your wood floor,
  2. Olefin area rug is the best rug for the pet’s owner. This rug can take many abuses from the Pats and the cleaning product, the color will never run, however the urine odor would be unpleasant, see the next blog how to care for the Olefin synthetic rug.
  3. Machine made, Karastan Oriental rug, very durable, looks good can take a lot of abuse from the pit and still show it art, do not scrub the pet stain, and the rug will last for generations, I highly recommend this Brand, Karastan made in America, see the next blog how to take care for the Karastan Oriental rug.
  4. The most rewarding Oriental rug, hold on its value and show real art. However, must be taken care in the right manner. Pet accident on Oriental rug could be devastating, color can run, mildew can grow, and fuzziness on the top of the rug will ruin the beauty of the art on the floor. To know how to take care the real Oriental rug the right way, please visit the blog: How to remove, clean urine stained from your Oriental rug by PetPeePee service.

Please remember, inheriting Oriental rug it’s meant keeping the memory in the family, don’t let something good go bad, care for Oriental rug will keep the memories for generations to come.

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