PetPeePee Nationwide Service is specialized to remove Dog and Cat Urine Odor from: Oriental rugs and Custom made Draperies, Permanently, Using the Organic Dead Sea Minerals.

What makes PetPeePee service different than any other Oriental rug cleaning service in the market? Cleaning Oriental rugs from dirt and soil is maybe a job for ordinary carpet cleaners. However, if you came to this site because you have a strong urine odor in your beautiful antique/New Oriental rug, Area Carpet or Drapery you need a different process; this is what PetPeePee service is designed for.

PetPeePee has invented a cleaning product made from: Organic Dead Sea minerals, that is odor-free. Plus, we have built a state-of-the-art “XpetPee” vacuum floor machine that will clean Through the rug, meaning that every part of the rug (the top, the middle and the bottom) is cleaned from urine dirt and soil. Because our process is specifically designed to remove dog and cat urine odor from: Oriental rugs, Area Carpet and Draperies,

PetPeePee guarantees, in writing, 100% urine odor removal, permanently!

To see how our system works, watch our video here or scroll down below to view all of our uploaded videos.

If you’ve been using every cleaning system and product on the market without success, then you’ve finally found the right place. 100% Urine Odor Removal, Guaranteed!

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Custom-made Draperies 

100% Guarantee

Urine Odor Removal & Cleaning

Oriental rug & Area Carpet 

Guarantee in Writing

100% Urine Odor Removal, Organically.


Interested to see how the PetPeePee System works? Browse our videos that are taken live and with the Inventor and Owner of PetPeePee, Meir Martin.

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About PetPeePee Service

Since 1991, PetPeePee Service has been providing essential assistance to pet owners.

PetPeePee Oriental Rug Cleaning

Meir Martin the Owner of PetPeePee service. Nation wide service and Pick up from South Florida

PetPeePee Service removes urine odor completely by it’s revolutionary cleaning product invented by Meir Martin, owner and founder of PetPeePee. By using a natural blend of Dead Sea Minerals, urine bacteria is killed permanently by the strong power of the Dead Sea. Plus, because the natural blend of Minerals does not contain any soaps, fragrances, chemicals or deodorizers, the urine odor is never masked by other smells or chemicals; you either smell pee or you don’t!

The patent-pending machine consists of a vacuum floor that is powerful enough to remove all dirt and debris from the rug, but gentle enough to never damage or discolor your rug. Draperies are cleaned using a similar method, however, they are draped from top to bottom rather than laid down.

Unlike Dry Cleaning or Steam Cleaning, PetPeePee never scrubs or uses hard bristles on Oriental rugs that can cause the nap to be damaged or discoloration.

Nationwide Service

Oriental rug cleaning from dog and cat urine odor

Cleaning Antique Oriental rug from cat urine odor is PetPeePee specialist.

PetPeePee Service headquarters are located in Pompano Beach, FL. Many customers request delivery, however, if you are located out of the area, we offer a shipping system using UPS or FEDEX.

Just send us a picture of your item either on our Request an Estimate form or text us to 954-594-2564 and we will provide you an over the phone cost.

If you decide to send us your rug, we will send you packing materials and a UPS label. Just drop off the item to UPS or request a pick-up and will we take it from there.

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