Welcome to PetPeePee, Oriental Rug & Draperies 100% urine Odor removal permanently.   Nationwide, and Worldwide Service:
Welcome to PetPeePee, Oriental Rug & Draperies 100% urine Odor removal permanently.   Nationwide, and Worldwide Service:Welcome to PetPeePee, Oriental Rug & Draperies 100% urine Odor removal permanently.   Nationwide, and Worldwide Service:Welcome to PetPeePee, Oriental Rug & Draperies 100% urine Odor removal permanently.   Nationwide, and Worldwide Service:
Welcome to PetPeePee, Oriental Rug & Draperies 100% urine Odor removal permanently.   Nationwide, and Worldwide Service:
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PetPeePee Natural urine odor removal, now in Angie's List serving Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach for Pick-up and delivery.
Visit Meir Martin the owner's and the inventor of PetPeePee system in Facebook.com.
PetPeePee service to remove urine odor end stains. Visit YouTube/PetPeePee
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 for Oriental rug Cleaning
& Urine Odor  Removal
EXP 12-31-2014 
110 years old rug cleaning by Pet Pee Pee from pet odor removal
100 years old Persian oriental rug. Strong Dog Urine odor.
 Review from a happy customer. Hollywood, Florida: Evlien Gold.

I was absolutely devastated when my husband pointed out a large, hard, dark yellow stains on his grandmother's 100 year old oriental carpet. 

Upon further inspection, it was obvious that our adorable dog - who we thought was potty trained - had been using our priceless (to us) and expensive (to the rest of the world) heirloom as her personal latrine for years.
 This really was a surprise because we never noticed anything more than, at most, a very faint musty odor that we attributed to the age of the rug. 
My husband remembered seeing the "Pet Pee Truck" and vowed to call them in the morning. 
After watching the video of how they cleaned a similar oriental rug, I started to hold out a little hope.

The next morning we called and Meir Martin immediately reassured us completely. 
When he came that same morning to pick up the rug, my husband casually mentioned that it would  calm me down considerably if I could watch the cleaning process.

 Meir (he's our friend now) was  more than happy to have us come to his workplace and watch. He was actually thrilled to show off  his invention! As for me, I was overjoyed to see the streams of years-old pee-pee come flowing out  of our rug.

 Trust me, it is definitely worth watching  Meir at work! The rug is back home now, looking better than ever, and we both could not be happier. 

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns.

Happy Customers,
Evelyn and Stuart Gold
Name J Hoerber
Phone Include Area code561-483-xxxx
Address City, State Zip17xxx Litten Drive, Boca Raton, FL 33498
E Mail Addressjhoerber@hotmail.com
How can we help You, Dear Pet Pee Pee,

I own two adorable Havanese dogs that made our custom made drapes their own. The pee pee smell was so strong we could no longer utilize our living room. The bottom of the drapes had frozen and hardened from our dog's urine.

Calling Pet Pee Pee was the last step we could make before totally replacing the drapes. Meir Martin took our drapes down and processed them through his unique cleansing system and VOILA! - Our drapes were like new with the urine smell completely removed. 

Thank you Pet Pee Pee and highest recommendation is hereby given.
PetPeePee Request Info.
Now the rug is clean
PetPeePee servicing the rich and famous in Miami Beach Florida.
To protect your investment Oriental rug you need the underlay rug supplied by PetPeePee service.
PetPeePee Oriental rug cleaning for pet odor removal.
PetPeePee developed a unique system to remove cat urine odor from an Antique sofa.
Keep your Persian, Wool/Silk Oriental Rug for Generation to come. Clean Dog and Cat urine the right way, Naturally, to remove urine odor.
100% Guaranteed in Writing. Dog or Cat Urine Odor removal from: Draperies, Oriental rugs, & Unique Items.
The Houdini Tube, Will show all that vacuumed, from the rug in real time.
Customer Review 
Will You Consider Us?

PetPeePee Service is a natural, odor-free cleaning process specially designed to remove pet urine odor from: Oriental rugs, Furniture, Draperies, and Unique Items.

Don’t wait until after you’ve tried all the cleaning products in the pet shop. Even other professional rug and drapery cleaning services are not able to completely remove the pet urine odor.

PetPeePee’s primary business is the service of: 

What do our customers expect upon delivery? 

Absolutely NO pet urine smell and the complete removal of dirt and soil using a natural cleaning process.
We, at the PetPeePee Service, never use enzymes or deodorizer to mask the urine odor.  

We only use organic cleaner from the Dead Sea that is 100% Odor Free.
We clean the items to perfection and our guarantee is always in writing: 100% NO Trace of urine smells.
Reviewed nationally by members of Angie’s List™. 
PetPeePee is AAA-Rated for Urine Odor Removal, from Rugs & Draperies.
The PetPeePee nationwide service, now servicing the member of, Angie’s List. The A review on, Angei’s List will insure our Guarantee.
PetPeePee Service 

We are Pioneers in the carpet cleaning industry by Building the 
“MDM” machine and Formulating an Organic, Odor-free Cleaning product made from minerals found in the
 Dead Sea.
Together, these completely remove urine odor from: 
Oriental rugs, Needlepoint, and Draperies. 

It works, 
And We Are Proud of it.

The PetPeePee guarantee, sets the quality of our work.
Keep your Persian Wool/Silk Oriental Rug for Generations to Come.
 Clean it the right way, Safe and Natural, while eliminating Dog and Cat urine odor.
Don’t let a typical carpet cleaning service use harsh methods like Steam, Enzymes, or Dry-cleaning on your Silk/Wool rug. The damage done by these methods will be permanent to the Silk/Wool fibers and to the Cotton foundation.

When PetPeePee cleans your Persian Silk/Wool Heirloom Oriental rug the cleaning process is done without touching or moving parts ON the rug (no scrubbers or heavy rollers).

Just a gentle stream of organic, Odor-free cleaner made with minerals from the Dead Sea. The cleaner floods the top of the rug before a vacuum under the rug pulls all the dirt, soil, and urine crystals through the rug fibers.

All of this waste is safely flushed to the sewage system, and the operation is repeated until the urine smell is gone.

Keep your Persian Wool/Silk Oriental Rug for Generations to Come.
 Clean it the right way, Safe and Natural, while eliminating Dog and Cat urine odor. 

The “Houdini” Tube shows me when the rug is 100% SUPER CLEAN.  The perfect combination of the Dead Sea Minerals and the PetPeePee System’s “MDM” Machine will ensure the elimination of 100% of Dog and Cat urine odor, Guaranteed!.  Your rug will continue beautifying your home for generations to come.  You have my word on it, Meir Martin, founder of the PetPeePee System.
Until the “Houdini” Tube, shows me that the rug is 100% SUPER CLEAN.  The perfect combination, the Dead Sea Minerals, and the PetPeePee System, “MDM” Machine, Will insure eliminate off, 100% of Dog and Cat urine odor, Guarantee!.  Your rug will continue beautifying your home for generations to come,    You have my word on it. Meir martin, of, PetPeePee System.
PetPeePee advertisement  billboard   city of Parkland, Florida.
PetPeePee specializes in cleaning and removing Urine odor from Needlepoint carpet.
Heirloom oriental rug shipped from California to be clean in the PetPeePee warehouse because of a Very Strong cat urine odor.
PetPeePee Urine Odor Removal. Nationwide Cleaning Service for
 Oriental rugs, Drapery, Needlepoint carpets, Furniture, and Antique Persian rugs. 
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PetPeePee Is a National service for Urine Odor Removal: Organic and Natural.
Copyright © 2014 by PPP America, Inc. 
All Rights Reserved PetPeePee is a trademark by U S trademark and Patent office in Washington.
 Meir Martin: Inventor of PetPeePee system, the Natural cleaning products The Dead Sea Minerals, and the name PetPeePee Pet Pee Pee is TM. 
Eliminating urine odor safely in antiques requires special skill.
PetPeePee is the only company that can remove urine odor from inside the pillow.
PetPeePee is the only company the can remove urine odor from designer fabrics in Louis Vuitton, Kimono and other unique items.
Dead Sea Minerals is the base cleaner that PetPeePee System uses to remove pet stains from Draperies.
The PetPeePee Facility was built from the ground up by Meir Martin.
Pick-up and Delivery are available: Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County.
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Mr. Meir Martin, Owner's of PetPeePee System. Warehouse Address: 

1442 SW 12 Ave, Pompano Beach, Florida. 33069 
By the Years and with the right care, The Oriental rug will become an Heirloom rug.
Please see the video, How PetPeePee Service, do it, Different from the rest! 
Why Choose Us? 
We Use
​Organic cleaner from the
Dead Sea!

Quality Service!  
100% Urine odor removal