Urine Odor Removal from Wool Carpet

Urine Odor Removal from Wool Carpet.

What will it take to remove the urine odor from wool carpet, is there any solution to clean up Persian or Pakistani carpet made of wool from the urine odor without harming the color and the fiber/wool?

The PetPeePee company establishes in 2002 build a different concept than the carpet cleaner.

wool persian carpet

urine odor removal from wool carpet

First, clean the water carpet from dirt and soil must be done gently without using a scrubber or the carpet cleaning equipment because they are too aggressive for wool Oriental rug.

Most of the carpet cleaners cleaned your wool carpet by using enzymes. Do you know what enzyme is?

The enzyme is a bacteria mixed with detergent and deodorizer, and many more other chemicals. All of these chemicals work amazingly in a laboratory. The reality in our daily life it’s different.
The enzyme will perform best at a high temperature of 125 to 135°; At this temperature, the enzyme will eat the protein (the urine crystal).
However, because we cannot keep the high temperature in the cleaning process for such a long time, the detergent/soap will affect the cleaning of the stain (some of them). In most cases, the urine crystal will remain untouched deep in the foundation of the Wool carpet.

However, (Urine Odor Removal from Wool Carpet) the Enzyme that all Praise About it Is quite a different cleaning product See the video “What is enzyme how its work.”

I encourage you to watch several videos on YouTube how carpet cleaner cleaned wool carpet by using as scrubber and detergent and then ask yourself: scrubber designed to clean a restaurant floor or the floor mat a front of Home Depot this aggressive machine will ruin the fiber the color and the texture of the wool/rug.

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