PetPeePee in North Carolina Cleaning and Removing urine odor from draperies

Why Choose PetPeePee Company?
100% Guaranteed Urine Odor Removal is Our Standard Cleaning Process!
PetPeePee Company has revolutionized the cleaning process with our Vacuum Cleaning system that cleans “through” the item along with our naturally blended minerals from the Dead Sea.
We are the experts in the field of cleaning and removing urine odor, permanently, from: Oriental rugs, Custom made Draperies, Antique Carpets, Needlepoints, Area Rugs & Furniture.

Gold color, custom made Silk Draperies, Shipped from, North Carolina, to PetPeePee service, to be clean from,
Cat urine odor & stains.

Pet Pee Pee Service, Cleans, and Removes, 100% the stains and the odor, By using the, Secret cleaner formula from the, Dead Sea that is organic, and Odor free.

This process is unique to PetPeePee service.
Invented by: Mr. Meir martin.

Quotes Meir Martin, Inventor and owner of the PetPeePee System.

“After many attempts to clean Oriental rugs from urine odor, without success, many customers simply throw the handmade Oriental rug away,” says Martin.

The PetPeePee System receives handmade rugs from all over the country, big and small, antiques and modern, to remove pet pee odor.

“Many customers ask us that even though they have used other systems and products on the Wool/silk rug, Pillow and Draperies can our system still remove the urine odor.
I tell them yes! The Pet Pee Pee system is designed to remove all of the previous detergents, chemicals and bad odor, leaving it urine odor free.

However, if the Antique rug is stained by other cleaners, our system may not remove the stain 100%.
In order to tell if our system can remove the stain, we must see the rug first,” quotes Martin.