PeePee Vanilla – What is it?

Why Choose PetPeePee Company?
100% Guaranteed Urine Odor Removal is Our Standard Cleaning Process!
PetPeePee Company has revolutionized the cleaning process with our Vacuum Cleaning system that cleans “through” the item along with our naturally blended minerals from the Dead Sea.
We are the experts in the field of cleaning and removing urine odor, permanently, from: Oriental rugs, Custom made Draperies, Antique Carpets, Needlepoints, Area Rugs & Furniture.

Welcome to PeePeeVanilla & PeePeeSoap.

Before I go preaching, and speaking about the Enzyme, and the cleaning products that possess been used after pet accidents.
I would like you to grab any, urine odor removal spray product, that you purchase from your pet pet shop.
Let’s investigate What’s inside the bottle?
1. Shake the spray bottle.
2. Open the cap.
3. Squeeze gently.
4. See what is coming from the bottle.
5. Surprise suds.
The suds that coming from the “Urine odor removal product” is basically soap.
Hence, now we learn that the product we using is basically SOAP!
To make this Urine odor removal product sale, the manufacturing ad Deodorizer, that draw the lady believe the urine smell is gone.

We know, that every time that we wash our hands using soap, we have to rinse it, with running fresh water.
And we know, that if we didn’t rinse our hands promptly, they will stay sticky, and will attract the germs.
So what would be the point?
The cleaning product, that we buy from the pet store, we know contains SOAP!
Can you see the out coming?
What is happening to your Oriental rug, carpet, or Draperies, after you cleaned the pee spot, with cleaning products that is soapy.
Mr. Meir Martin, from my experience from 1991, take my word for it, 99% of all the cleaning products that sale in the pet store contains Soap, some of them less and some of them very concentrate soap.
And then, what happened to our, Oriental rug or Draperies, when we used Soap on the Pee Spot?
Now this is where the story begins.
The little heel, by the name, “Pooky” goes outside and checks off his territory on every tree, when he pees.
Even the minutes Pooky comes home, he runs up his leg and pee on one of the leg of the Dining room table. This is his favorite spot.
So, Miss. Elizabeth, pick up the cleaning product, and sprays the leg of the table, and the Pee spot on the wool Oriental rug.
The towel that Miss, Elizabeth place on the wet pee spot, will absorb more or less of the moisture.
Happy with the results so far.
“My hubby will never know, that Pooky Pee!”.
Time passes by and, Miss. Elizabeth notices a brown spot that starts showing on the Rug.
Wondering why the pee spot turns bigger and brown?
(Maybe I didn’t clean it the right way).
She picks up the same product and start reading the instructions.
She notices the writing statement that says “Guarantee to remove the toughest stains or your money Back”.
So Miss, Elizabeth, sprayed the Brown spot, thoroughly, and the spot was gone, for the second time.
The Deodorizer fills the air, with a nice smell of sweet vanilla.
“Good the product worked”.
“My Pooky is safe”.
That’s what she believed will be!
However, after two weeks, she discovered bigger stain, and a strong odor, Miss. Elizabeth just couldn’t believe it.
And so she starts questioning what went Wrong?

Mr. Meir Martin, the inventor of PetPeePee system.
The Pee spot turn to a brown stain, and came back with a different and strong Odor, the question is Why???
Do you remember the soap in the bottle?
Ok, the dog pee on the wool rug, and Elizabeth apply Soap, and the soap cannot be rains out of the rug, (You cannot take 9×12 foot oriental rug and place it under running water) so.
The pee that in the wool / Silk rug, become a food for the bacteria, that start growing on the protein, the soap that we apply, blended with the pee spot, and turned to a bigger brown spot.
The brown spot is the results of Dead bacteria, that the Enzyme (soap) was sprayed on. More you spray Enzyme, the bigger the spot will be! (Do you remember what happened, if we didn’t rinse our hands thoroughly after washing with soap).
And now we have A new spot.
We at PetPeePee service have a name for this spot.
We call it” PeePeeSoap”.
The PeePeeSoap will attract the dirt, and the bacteria too,
The bacteria that in the Rug, needs food to survive, the soap that we apply to clean the brown spot (on the top of the rug) will become a food for the bacteria, deep inside the rug.
And more, the soap you apply the bacteria will thank you, by presenting a bigger brown spots, and it will become a permanent Yellow stain.
Wondering why there is a bad Odor?
The pee spot has an aroma of urine, that no human being could wish it.
The cleaning product that Miss. Elizabeth, use on the Pee spot, has the odor of vanilla.
Applying on the Pee spot A vanilla deodorizer, the new spot will release a new odor.
We at PetPeePee service name it “PeePeeVanilla”.
This is the reason, that every customer that ship the rug or the draperies to, PetPeePee Warehouse, have a horrible odor, of many cleaning products, mixing with the Original urine odor.
That the reasons, we at PetPeePee Service, Develops and Build, the “MDM” machine, and the cleaning products from the, Dead Sea that is Organic and Odor free, Soap Free Enzyme Free.
PetPeePee Service, we are a pioneer in the carpet cleaning industry, by building and using the “MDM” machine.
And developing the Organic, odor free Cleaning products from the, Dead sea to remove, urine odor from:
Oriental rug, Needlepoint, Draperies.
It works and we are proud of it.