My Dog Peed on my Rug

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Q: Why is my dog peeing on all my rugs?

I hope this is the right place to post, but I have a dog that keeps peeing on my rugs.
My living room area rug, the bathroom rug, and the kitchen rug.
She even goes into my roommate’s room if he leaves the door open and pees on his floor. She has full access to outside 24/7.

She does pee outside; I have seen her so it is not an issue of whether she can go outside or not.

I am tired of washing all my rugs and mats just to have her pee on them again. I never see her doing it either, but when I go to the bathroom or kitchen I notice the spot.

A: There are many causes for this behavior, and I will be happy to answer you.
However the “Phone can do a wonderful job” please call my Office and I will be happy to share my experience of everyday service with you.

Thank you: Meir Martin 561-221-2815.

Yes we can do the impossible.

We Provides Pick up and Delivery service to Miami, Broward County, Palm Beach, and West Palm Beach.
We will pick up and deliver Oriental Rugs from customer’s home and deliver it to the same location.
We will also move the furniture and lay the Rug on the floor and put the furniture in the same place.
The Odor-Free blended minerals from the Dead Sea mixed with cold water, spray gently on top of the rug and gets vacuumed through the rug.
Flushing the urine, dirt, soap, deodorizer, and enzymes (that cause the bad smell) all vacuumed and go straight to the sewage automatically.
This process repeats its self, depending on how strong the urine odor is.
PetPeePee Service leaves the Oriental Rug clean and free from the urine, dirt, soap, deodorizers and enzymes.
The only thing left in the rug is the minerals from the Dead Sea and Vinegar which is made to restore the natural oil in the wool to keep the rug for many years to come.
This system, machine, minerals and experience like no other, give PetPeePee Service the confidence to give a guarantee in Writing, No urine odor!!