Heirloom Rug Urine Odor Removal

Why Choose PetPeePee Company?
100% Guaranteed Urine Odor Removal is Our Standard Cleaning Process!
PetPeePee Company has revolutionized the cleaning process with our Vacuum Cleaning system that cleans “through” the item along with our naturally blended minerals from the Dead Sea.
We are the experts in the field of cleaning and removing urine odor, permanently, from: Oriental rugs, Custom made Draperies, Antique Carpets, Needlepoints, Area Rugs & Furniture.

How to get rid of urine odor from Fabric?

Do you know? By using Deodorizer such as Vanilla essence on Pee Pee spots.
The combine odors will create a new aroma we call it PeePeeVanilla.

That’s why Pet Pee Pee Service is using: Odor free, Organic, Cleaner from the Dead Sea!

PetPeePee Service Statement!
In the process of removing the Urine Odor we clean the: Oriental rug, Furniture, Fiber, Draperies, & Unique Items from dirt and soil to perfection.
PetPeePee Service challenges our clients upon delivery Smell the Rug, Pillow, Draperies.
PetPeePee Guarantee it’s clean and there is NO trace of urine smell!
PetPeePee System, Serious Business for Serious Problems!

Silk kimono Clean from Cat urine stains and Odor.

75 year old kimono.
The Lady calls in a panicked voice, and describes the disaster on her 75 year old kimono, that has been in her family for over 50 years.
The lady lives in Michigan and describes all the cleaning products and professional services (Dry cleaners) that she used to clean and remove the cat urine odor with no luck.
Her next question was, “can you guarantee the removal of the urine odor?
My answer was yes!
The Kimono arrives the next day and, I shipped it back 2 weeks later.
The payment arrives after the lady inspected the kimono.
Her thank you letter hangs on my wall & the check marks another satisfied Customer.
PetPeePee System Removing the Urine Smell From a variety of unique Items: Louis Vuitton, leather, handbag
Car seat, wedding Dress, Shoes, FIBER, All by lifting the urine to the surfaces For easy disposal. And the results will
Impress you, with Clean Shine and Free from: Chemicals and Pet accidents odor

PetPeePee Guarantees in writing to remove Urine Odor from silk fiber.

PetPeePee System.

PetPeePee Service is a revolutionary service that is specialized in removing dog and cat urine odor.

The PetPeePee System has provided unprecedented service since 1991 Family owned and operated.

PetPeePee service is the only company in the industry of Carpet cleaning that guaranteed the removal of pet urine odor using, Organic, Dead Sea as Natural Cleaning products.

This secret cleaning product Designed by Meir Martin the owner of PetPeePee.
PetPeePee System uses specialized machinery that can work with the Dead Sea minerals to clean Oriental rug, fabric, Draperies and furniture from dog and cat urine odor.

The benefit of cleaning floor covering, Furniture, Fiber and Draperies with Odor free Dead Sea Cleaners is, 100% Items free from Odor without masking the urine odor with Deodorizer or Enzyme.

Q: Why is my dog peeing on all my rugs?

I hope this is the right place to post, but I have a dog that keeps peeing on my rugs.

My living room area rug, the bathroom rug, and the kitchen rug. She even goes into my roommate’s room if he leaves the door open and pees on his floor.
She has full access to outside 24/7. She does pee outside; I have seen her so it is not an issue of whether she can go outside or not.

I am tired of washing all my rugs and mats just to have her pee on them again. I never see her doing it either, but when I go to the bathroom or kitchen I notice the spot.

A: There are many causes for this behavior, and I will be happy to answer you.
However the “Phone can do a wonderful job” please call to my Office and I will be happy to share my experience of everyday service with you.

Review that you can trust Angle’s List.
Member: Jack Truitt 1– N. New Hampshire Street

Covington, LA 70433
Category: Drapery Cleaning
Services Performed: Yes
* More Weight is given to a review where work has been completed.
Work Completed Date: March 03, 2014
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $350.00
Home Build Year: 1962

Description Of Work: I had cat urine on expensive silk drapes. Most people advised that this was a hopeless situation. However, the drapes were sent, cleaned and returned promptly. I was shocked at how clean the drapes were, and they are, now, not ruined.

Member Comments: The provider sent a box for the drapes and gave explicit directions. Within a week, the drapes were back just as good as new. I am truly amazed.
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