Heirloom Rug Urine Odor Removal

Why Choose PetPeePee Company?
100% Guaranteed Urine Odor Removal is Our Standard Cleaning Process!
PetPeePee Company has revolutionized the cleaning process with our Vacuum Cleaning system that cleans “through” the item along with our naturally blended minerals from the Dead Sea.
We are the experts in the field of cleaning and removing urine odor, permanently, from: Oriental rugs, Custom made Draperies, Antique Carpets, Needlepoints, Area Rugs & Furniture.

Antique woven rugs are more than a carpet.
It’s an Heirloom for Generations.

Especially, when you used to play on these pieces of art as a
Little kid.

I played on my grandmother’s antique Moroccan Wool rug; we use to play checkers and card games and my Grandma always won! The stories that my grandmother uses
To tell me when we were playing are still fresh in my mind.
She also wishes to play on the rug in her parents’ house as a girl.

This Oriental rug became antique and is over a hundred years old. This Heirloom rug can tell many stories. I simply sit on the couch And look at the rug and memories start flying through my head:
The first TV that was placed on it, the transistor radio we use To listen to and many memories of family and friends.
The memories that I have of my grandmother’s Moroccan rug Are priceless! My daughter grew up on this same rug; She also played and slept on the rug just like I did! Anytime, we sit in the
Living room and her feet touch the rug memories of her childhood come racing back to her, and I know that my daughter will keep this rug in her living room when the time comes. My memories are no different than yours or anyone else’s around the world. I’m sure that there are thousands of urban rugs that connect families and have been passed down as heirlooms.
However, a problem that’s related to this era, that I didn’t have in my time was that we kept our dog outside, so accidents in the house were very rare. However, today the little Yorkie and the Maltese have become part of our family, and accidents on our Heirloom carpets it happens frequently.
Unfortunately, many times we run to the pet store to buy cleaning products that do not work and cause damage to our priceless (Carpet) rugs! Therefore, many antique rugs find themselves rolled up in the garage or in the dumpster.

Because my passion is for a real antique and, especially, for Antique Heirloom Arabian rugs; I have built a machine and use the same cleaning products that my mother used to clean her Moroccan wool rug in Jerusalem 50 years ago. The combination of odor free natural Dead Sea minerals and the Machine “THROUGH” system gives me the confidence that PetPeePee Service, will provide you with an unquestionable guarantee to permanently remove urine odor.

Our “THROUGH” System will also bring back the shine and natural oil of your antique Moroccan rug. Pet Pee Pee’s “THROUGH” System and the minerals from the Dead Sea are safe and effective at cleaning Antique Oriental rugs colored with vegetable dye.

The old cleaning techniques used vinegar to preserve, clean, and kill the mold that grows on wool and cotton. We combine vinegar (Acidic acid) with our secret blended minerals from the Dead Sea, to insure no color runs in the fibers of antique and new carpet wool rugs.

My Expertise plus the “THROUGH” Vacuum floor Machine and the blended Minerals from the Dead Sea standing behind the name “PetPeePee” to provide my customers with a service and guaranteed; 100% Heirloom Oriental rug cleaning.