How to ship from

The United Kingdom, Tokyo, Australia, China, Saudi Arabic, Israel to PetPeePee warehouse in Florida, USA on Oriental rugs to be clean from:

Dog Cat Urine Odor.

Email pictures of your rug, includes the size and why the carpet needs to be clean. Describe any stains or a tear in the Oriental rug.

After receiving the email, we may call you or ask more questions regarding the rug.

how to ship

The United Kingdon Antique Rug cat urine odor

Finally, we will ask for your zip code to calculate the shipping price.

We will provide you with a Price to clean and remove the urine odor + the shipping.

We will arrange UPS or DHL to pick up the box/package after we E-mail you the Label and instructions.

After the box picks up, we will track the shipment to the Waterhouse; upon receiving, we will send you a picture of your rug on the Vacuum Floor.

It will take 5 to 14 days to clean your rug and remove the urine odor. During this time, we will send you a link to how your Oriental rug gat cleaned, and then we will email you the Invoice.

We never ask for a credit card; we will use a platform that you are working and knowledgeable about.

After receiving the payment, your rug will be box and ship back, and you will receive a picture of your rug in the box, the box with the label to confirm the address is correct.

Upon receiving the box, we will ask you to examine the rug by smelling and Viewing the color end the rug condition.

We will appreciate it if you lat as know your impartation.

Thank you, Meir Martin, for being the owners of the PetPeePee company.