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PetPeePee reviews on Facebook cleaning on Oriental Carpet The PetPeePee Oriental carpet cleaning service provided a nationwide service for

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Pet owners from all over the US contacted the PetPeePee company to remove the urine odor after obtaining the urine odor using the Enzymes or other rug cleaning service locally with no success in eliminating the urine odor. In this case, the only hope saving the Oriental rug is Google search.

Since the Internet provided the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, discovering a Good company that can remove the urine odor and cleans the Oriental carpet to perfection gives hope the Rug can go back on the floor clean and Odor free.

After discovering the PetPeePee company and watching the videos on YouTube about how Oriental carpet should be clean from urine odor and ordinary dirt, customers visit The PetPeePee Review on Google or watching the Review videos.

Now the only left is to contact Mr. Meir Martin, the Owner of the PetPeePee company, by Texting the Pictures of the Oriental Carpet to 954.594.2564 in less than 10 minutes. Mr. Martin will call you back, providing all the answers on how the Oriental rug will be delivered back to you.

Mr. Martin: the XpetPee machine builds from the ground up to removes the urine odor that is locked deep inside the foundation of the Persian Carpet. The XpetPee machine builds to last forever, Heavy gauge Aluminum, and a cleaning process control by a Computer.

The Dead Sea Minerals ( PetPeePee secret cleaning products) is an old cleaning process designed by mother nature to kill bacteria naturally (the Dead Sea is the only place on earth free from bacteria). The Dead Sea cleaner was modified to clean/work on the finest Oriental carpet and remove/kill the bacteria locked deep inside the cotton/wool rug foundation.

The Dead Sea cleaner/Minerals is FREE from Enzyme, Soap, Detargent, and Odor. Because the Dead Sea Cleaner is odor FREE, it will never deposit any smells into the fibers that the PetPeePee company cleans.

The PetPeePee service before you consider using the PetPeePee Oriental rug/Drapery cleaning service, what you should know: No Guarantee yellow stains can be removed. We at PetPeePee company will do all the after to obliterate the Yellow-brown, However, depending on the time, stain exists, and the types of fiber in the rug/Drapery stains may not come out.

Urine odor: 100% Guarantee in writing Total urine odor removal from Drapery and Oriental rug.PetPeePee statement.

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PetPeePee essential service for pet owner

PetPeePee offers pickup and delivery in South Florida for Oriental rugs, area carpets, draperies, and furniture. 100% guarantee urine odor removal is PetPeePee slogan…

561.221.2815 Office

Text Pictures -954.594.2564

PetPeePee address: 1442 Southwest 12 Avenue Pompano Beach, FL 33069

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